Gebze-Halkalı train line will be completed in 2018

Gebze-Halkalı the train line will be completed in 2018: Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Gebze-Halkalı He studied the train line project works. Stating that they knew the negativities and solution ways until now, Yıldırım said, “The contractor firm and the subcontractor firm will conclude the project in cooperation because they know the importance of this line for Istanbul.” said. Yıldırım stated that they aimed to complete the entire line in the first months of 2018.

Binali Yildirim, Marmaray Railway line was found. Binali Yildirim, who made a statement at Marmaray Train Station in Yenikapi, said that citizens use buses and special vehicles to reach Marmaray and citizens are moving under heavy traffic.

Lightning, expressing that suburban and high-speed trains should be completed as soon as possible, “20 kilometers on the European side of the Anatolian side of the 25 mile line must be completed. HalkalıWe will continue to review until. In order to complete the line, very serious work is required. Serious work is needed to build infrastructure, superstructure and signaling. Gebze-Halkalı There is a total of 38 stations. Construction of these stations, highway construction, pedestrians for the bottom and overpass, retaining walls and culverts need to be done. It has a special art structure. We would like to complete these works by working day and night and presenting them to the service of Istanbulites. We know about the negativities and solutions to this project. Contractor firm and subcontractor know the importance of this project for Istanbul, this project will be finished with a hand. Yüklen

Noting that the project was financed by the European Investment Bank, Yıldırım said, kayd The contractor is the Spanish company, Siemens, who makes electrical and signaling. The solution partners are Turkish companies. Turkish, Spanish and German co-production. We've reviewed the technical details. We have identified the bottlenecks and risks in front of them. We know the work on the measures to be taken. Çalış

Transferred by the archaeological excavation on the line because of the risk of prolongation of work transfer, "We give importance to our history and cultural life. Yenikapı Station, where we are now, has made archaeological excavations here in order to uncover the hidden history of 4,5 year Istanbul and the remains from past civilizations. And samples are on display at the terminal. Thousands of works are exhibited in museums in 10. Archaeological excavations in Istanbul to reveal the historical richness, delayed the project caused. We also received this delay by taking into account the gains we have achieved. Imiz

Yıldırım continued his speech: ında In the light of the project that we have gained from Marmaray, the loss of time will be much less in the Anatolian side and on the European side of the suburban line and high-speed train construction. We came together as the contractor firm, the administrative company and the Ministry of Transport on the road map for the project. We decided to review these issues one by one. When the project is completed, Halkalıto go to 105 per minute. It can go much faster, but it is slower because there is no stopping at the stations. If the train goes without stopping, the time is halved. There is no 15 minute between Ayrılıkçeşme and Kazlıçeşme in Marmaray. We see the project as a very important infrastructure on the east-west axis without experiencing any problems in public transportation. Toplu

Yildirim said that the completion of the project under normal conditions is 4,5 year. However, due to reasons such as archaeological excavations and expropriation, there is already a serious time loss. We're not halfway through the project. We will complete the project by making at least twice the amount of work we have done in the past. You will divide 4,5 into 2. You will find the approximate date. This date is the target for us, but the real thing is to end this date before a date. If everything goes well, we are aiming to finish ahead. Everything's ready for that. The crew is ready, the contractors are ready. We are ready as ministry. Don't stop going on! Dur he said.

Lightning, who wants Istanbul to be tolerant of the negativities during construction, m We want to understand some problems such as noise and noise in the realization of the project. We want them to tolerate temporary disturbances for lasting convenience. The structure will start from the beginning of 2016. Hopefully we will. It is difficult but not impossible. Zor



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