Radio Communication Solutions of G20 Antalya Summit Provided by HYTERA

G20 Antalya Summit of the Wireless Communications Solutions provided by Hytera: 15 in November to the beginning Leaders Summit in Antalya city of Turkey has shown an intense interest by the whole world. Officials in Antalya have launched a series of high-security solutions, including Hytera's professional radio communication systems, for the successful completion of the summit.

This meeting was held in Antalya, where French President Francois Hollande could not attend because of the terrorist attacks in Paris the day before the summit, where very important leaders such as Barack Obama, David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping were present. It was the twentieth summit that took place.

After the attacks in France, the Turkish authorities and security units, especially Regnum Carya Hotel, where leaders will meet all security measures throughout Antalya, the highest level was raised. In this type of situation, which makes sudden need for security and even more important, PMR (Professional Mobile Radio Communication) Professional Professional Wireless Communication Solutions daha is the superiority of the system against GSM systems.

Hytera company, which can produce special solutions according to needs, 'Push-to-Talk' and abil DMR 'which can be called imiz Push and Instant Speak', will be called, Digital Mobile Radio ter, ete Global Location Location Determination İhtiy. With its GPS and speed characteristics known as '2', this day-long summit has led to a more confident and safe way for the leaders to pass.

Compared to GSM, Hytera's Wireless Communication Solutions offer many more advantages in many areas. Unlike GSM stations, which are more vulnerable to power outages and external influences, radio stations can be positioned at higher locations, much safer and can continue to work under any difficult conditions. Considering features such as high-speed transmission of messages to multiple people at the same time, high resistance to water and dust by products and accessories, we can better understand the superiority of this technology offered by Hytera.

Outside the Antalya Summit, Hytera, which has 20 years of technology and knowledge, is the 2012th anniversary of the crowning of Queen Elizabeth II in 2, the Bandung Conference in Indonesia in 60 and China in 2015 with the wireless communication solutions it produced. He ensured that very important political meetings and ceremonies such as Boao Forum were held in security and showed his expertise in this field to the whole world. In our country, many major Turkish companies and organizations who work for Hytera, finally, Turkey's largest area with a province of Konya Metropolitan Municipality has provided all the units of the communications infrastructure, as well as the need to provide services in the Turkish Red Crescent anywhere in the world In cases, it has implemented a system where it can communicate with central operations units and other units that need to be organized.

About Hytera: Hytera Communications Co. Ltd. PMR (Professional Wireless Communication Systems) is one of the leading companies in the world. Although primarily the governments, security units, companies in the transportation and service sector, they offer a full thank-you and need-oriented service to a wide range of institutions and organizations in many areas. Since its founding in Shenzhen, China, in 1993, the company, which has gained an important place in PMR (Professional Radio Communication Systems), has been operating in more than 120 countries.

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