Funicular Project for TT Arena

Funicular project for TT Arena: G. Saray management, planning to find sponsors and close the roof of the stadium, wants to connect Seyrantepe stop to Aslantepe with a funicular line. While the works to build a sports hall next to the stadium are underway, the club museum in Beyoğlu İstiklal Street is moved to the Arena.

President Dursun Özbek, who focuses on financial problems because Galatasaray is under the control of UEFA, took action for other projects after doing everything that can be done in this regard. First of all, Özbek, who set an extraordinary congress date for Galatasaray Island, which received great criticism, took the opinion of the members to 'use the island as a social facility' and then rolled up his sleeves for the legal struggle. Özbek, who was preparing to sit at the table with the operator Mehmet Koçarslan, whose contract will expire on November 30, and the board of directors now pushed the button to implement their projects related to the Türk Telekom Arena Complex, where they solved the metro problem. Here are the moves considered for TT Arena:

1- Covered
Galatasaray, which still does not have the right to use the upper floor of Aslan Tepe, has decided to close the roof of the stadium. As a result of the researches, a cost of 12 million Euros was calculated and a sponsor was sought. The management plans both to close the roof and to have the upper usage right of the stadium.

2- A gym is being built, Uzbek '
It turned out that he went to Ankara a while ago and solved the problems about the indoor sports hall to be built next to TT Arena. While an agreement is reached with the General Directorate of Sports, the hall for 12 thousand people will be completed in 16 months. In addition to basketball matches, volleyball matches will be played in this new hall.

3- Cups to be moved
Plan to make Türk Telekom Arena functional for 7 days, the management plans to move the club museum on Beyoğlu İstiklal Caddesi to Türk Telekom Arena. The trophies won will be exhibited here, and a certain income will be earned thanks to the museum in the stadium tours to be organized.

4- Funicular Project
The yellow-red management, which plans to turn the housing projects near the stadium in Seyran Tepe in favor, will start the funicular project. There will be funicular transportation from the shopping centers of the sites near the TT Arena to the stadium and the fans will be comfortable.



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