The freight car of the National Train will be produced in Sivas

The freight train of the National Train will be produced in Sivas: TÜDEMSAŞ plans to produce the national freight wagon in the last quarter of 2016 within the scope of the v National Train Project Milli

Koçarslan, the general manager: ım If Allah blessed, we will have made our sales in the last quarter of 2016. This wagon they currently State Railways General Directorate gave 150 number of orders "" Sivas and thus Turkey, both the Middle East will be the central European freight wagons "Turkey Railway Machines Industry Inc. (TÜDEMSAŞ)," National Train Project " the national freight car to be produced in the last quarter of the year 2016 aims to be on the rails.

TÜDEMSAŞ General Manager Yıldıray Koçarslan, AA correspondent, 2013, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's instructions, the national train work was initiated and the national freight car service given to the company, he said.

Within the scope of this project, Koçslan, who was the coordinator of TCDD General Directorate of TCDD, Department of Load and Factories and academicians from Istanbul Technical, Cumhuriyet and Karabük universities and technical staff of TÜDEMSAŞ, carried out a literature review in the first place. Wagon 's characteristics, they said.

Koçarslan touched upon the characteristics of the new national freight car to be produced in the companies within the scope of the national train project, and said, milli One of the most important features is the type A spark plug. In the middle there will be an articulated 3 spark plug. The most important feature of the world's most advanced braking system is its compact brake system.

Koçarslan pointed out that the articulated spark plugs provide ease of maintenance and emphasized that this type of spark plugs are lighter and longer lasting, and that labor and production costs are low.

Koçarslan stated that the concept design of the wagon was over and some of the analyzes were continuing,

Işi We plan the transition to production as the last quarter of 2016. Again, we will produce national freight wagons in Sivas and export them abroad. If Allah blessed, we would have made our sales in the last quarter of 2016. We have now ordered 150 units from the General Directorate of State Railways. Bu

- iz 12 will produce different wagons -

Koçarslan stated that they changed the concept in the factory and said hafif We are working on the new generation freight wagons, which are mitigated. We will produce 2018 different wagons until 12. All of these cars will be Europe's lightest wagons. Braking system, spark plugs are completely new generation, new projects. We will export the freight wagon here in accordance with the instructions of Mr. President. Say

TÜDEMSAŞ technicians from the worker from working, unit supervisor of the production workshop that everyone is working with a team spirit while emphasizing Koçarsl, Turkey, the Middle East expressed the will of both the central European freight wagons.

Koçarslan, the freight wagon industry and industry with these studies will be developed in Sivas, the city will be a center of attraction in this area, he said.

Koçarslan also stated that they are mainly engaged in assembly-based production at the plant, and that serious sub-industry and employment have begun to occur in the region and that the region is planning to become a freight wagon base in the railway area.

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