France's Railway Company Will Pay Genocide Indemnity

30 June 1941 Uzunköprü-30 June 1941 Uzunköprü-Svilingrad segmentSvilingrad segment
30 June 1941 Long Bridge-Svilingrad section

France's rail company will pay genocide compensation: France's national rail company, which carried Jews to Nazi camps during World War II, will pay compensation of $ 60 million. France will pay $ 60 million in compensation to victims of genocide because the national rail company SNCF moved Jews to Nazi camps during World War II.

According to the joint statement made by the French and US foreign ministries, compensation applications started by the families of those who survived the genocide and those who survived the genocide from victims deported by France started yesterday.

With the program to be financed by France and executed by the USA, it is planned to prevent cases of victims of genocide against France in the USA.

Because of its role in genocide, SNCF was excluded from the billion dollar railroad contracts in the USA.

The company transported about 76 thousand Jews to Nazi camps during the Second World War, when France was under Nazi occupation. The French Foreign Ministry claimed in December that the national railway company was a vehicle in this incident and could not be held responsible.

Compensation applications can be made until May 31, 2016.



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