The first hike of the new year in England to public transport

In the UK, the first hike in the public transport to the public transport: between the municipality subway, bus, tram and trains, including public transport vehicles were reported to raise.

London's capital London with the new year, the public transport tickets to the ticket 1-4 percent of the rate was announced.

2 January 2016 As of Saturday, the weekly bus ticket price was increased from 21.00 to 21.20 sterling and the daily bus ticket price was upgraded to 4.50 sterling. For metros, price increase will be applied according to location.

London Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Boris Johnson, Turkish origin, the increase in inflation is actually in line with the rate of inflation, he said.

Johnson added that children under the age of 11 will benefit from free transportation from 2 January.

Formerly the age limitation will include children at the age of 10 and children of 11 will now be able to benefit from public transport free of charge.


London Labor Council responsible for transportation sözcüVal Shawcross says that with the hike, the Londoners, who already had to deal with astronomical ticket prices, dealt another blow.

. Boris Johnson said that long-term public transport tickets would be cheaper, but during the presidency, we saw a 10% increase in ticket prices over 40, Shaw said Shawcross.

The Green Party's Darren Johnson expressed his satisfaction with the fact that the age limit was raised to 11 in free use of public transport, saying, “I have been trying to encourage the mayor for a long time now, it is pleasing that this is happening. will contribute to the family budget. ”

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