Fire panic on the passenger train in Izmir (Video)

The fire panic on the passenger train in Izmir: A fire broke out in a car of the passenger train moving from Ödemiş to İzmir. Due to the panic, passengers jumped on the rails.

After the fire was extinguished in the next garda, the second time a fire broke out from Ödemiş in Izmir, and the 600 passenger was transported to İzmir by another train.


Today morning, 06.55, from Ödemiş passengers moving to Izmir from the last wagon, about 10 minutes later began to smoke. The flames of the flames covered the area with the entrance gates of the wagon. The train went as far as Pinarli Station, where flames were intervened. The flames were extinguished using a fire tube. Meanwhile, the train was panicked and the 600 passenger jumped from the train to the tracks.


Despite the protest that the citizens were not safe after the fire was extinguished, the train moved for the second time with its passengers. When the train arrived near Torbalı, smoke from the section of the mechanic began to emerge. This time the train was stopped at Torbalı Station and the passengers were again evacuated and transferred to another train that was in 50 minutes after Tire. Passengers reacted to what they experienced on the train.


Casım Kızılelma, one of the passengers, said, “After the train set off, it was cold inside. Then suddenly it started warming up, then we noticed the smoke. The flames then appeared. We immediately tried to extinguish it in panic, but the necessary equipment was lacking. The train was stopped, the fire was extinguished and we came to Izmir on another train. Here, we told the staff about our experiences. They say they have no news of what happened. A fire breaks out on a train and nobody gives the necessary explanation. Authorities say they have not heard of this fire. Who is the people's life entrusted to? " said.


Murat Copper, TCDD 3 Regional Manager, said that a fire broke out due to a short circuit and that the passengers were transferred to another train. Dr. Murat Copper, said the investigation of the lack of fire-related investigations.

TCDD 3 Regional Office Directorate officials responded to the allegations that there was no fire extinguisher in the train. The same authority, the train 5 fire extinguisher tube, the 3'in, said that the fire was used.

Due to the fact that the train was forced to work on a single engine, it was noted that the train was transferred to another train by taking into consideration that it would hamper İZBAN flights after Torbalı due to slowing and straining.



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