Eurasia Crossing Project pioneers in tunneling worldwide Engineering success

The Eurasia Crossing Project is a world-wide engineering success that has paved the way for tunneling: A special celebration was held for the family members who contributed to the Eurasian Crossing Project.

Family members, who contributed to the Eurasian Crossing Project (Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing), which united the Asian and European continents for the first time under the sea floor, met in a special celebration. Yapi Center Holding Chairman Ersin Arıoğlu stated that they have carried out a successful project that will pass the world engineering history. Belir Anyone who gives effort to the Eurasian Crossing Project will live this lifelong life. Yapı

The work of the Eurasian Crossing Project, which was awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) under the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model on the Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line, was completed in August last year.

Workers, engineers, academics and other employees who contributed to the Eurasia Transition Project came together at the celebration night organized for the meeting of the continents. Turkish Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Infrastructure Investments General Directorate and the control organization Marmaray Regional Directorate, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Üsküdar Municipality, Istanbul Archeology Museum Directorate, academicians, administrative counsel İTALFERR-ALTINOK Partnership, TBM manufacturer Herrenknecht , segment manufacturer Yapı Merkezi Prefabrikasyon and Yapı Merkezi, SK E&C and ATAŞ companies' employees participated. A special commemorative medallion, symbolizing their contribution to the Eurasia Transition Project, was presented to the attendees.

At the celebration dinner, ATAŞ and Yapı Merkezi Construction Chairman Başar Arıoğlu, Herrenknecht Chairman Martin Herrenknecht, the Founding Partner of the Italferr Altınok Consultancy Joint Venture Enver Atınok, AYGM General Manager Fatih Turan and Yapı Merkezi Holding Board Chairman Ersin Arıoğlu gave a speech.

Worldwide engineering success

Mr. Başar Arıoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ATAŞ and Yapı Merkezi Construction, expressed his thanks to everyone who contributed to the project and said that the team has achieved an exemplary success by bringing risk control and information together.

Yapi Merkezi Holding Board Chairman Ersin Arıoğlu the Eurasian Transition Project as well as for Turkey and Istanbul on behalf of the engineering world, are a very important step stating that said:

C Our project, which is exemplary with its advanced technology and strong engineering knowledge, will be a harbinger of a new era in world tunneling. The Eurasia Crossing Project is a project that offers technological inspirations to future generations today, proposes solutions with new ideas to many phenomena of nature and includes intense innovation. With these qualities not only for Turkey, it is also an important step for the world of tunneling. I am confident that our project will initiate a new tunneling trend towards a deeper, more distant, wider diameter. Today, we are proud to connect the Asian and European continents to a tunnel that we opened under the sea floor for the first time. Eurasian transition, with the introduction of this service will share our Kivanc with Turkey. "

Project of firsts to open a new era in tunneling

The most important phase of the Eurasian Crossing Project, which consists of three main sections with a total of 14,6 kilometers, constitutes the Bosphorus Pass, which has a length of 3,4. The world's most advanced TBM technology was used for the Bosphorus Crossing. CPC used in this project, 33.3 kW / m2 cutter head power within the tunnel machine 1. 12 with 2 bar design pressure. and 13,7 with excavation diameter of 6 m. ranks.

In the tunnel consisting of a total 1.672 ring, a seismic ring was mounted at two separate points to increase the durability of the tunnel against a possible major earthquake. Specifically designed and tested in laboratories, the seismic bracelets produced after proven success, the current diameter and the level of seismic activity, taking into account the world's 'first' CPC tunneling sector.

Eurasia Tunnel Operation Construction and Investment Inc., which will design and construct the project, will undertake the operation of the tunnel for 24 year 5 month. There is no expenditure on public resources for project investment. With the completion of the operation period, Eurasia will be transferred to the public. The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2016.

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