First Wife of the Year at Erciyes Ski Center

First Snow of the Year Has Fallen in Erciyes Ski Center: The downpour, which started in Kayseri during the day, fell into steep snow. Besides the Sarız accidents, Pınarbaşı snowfall falling to the Erciyes Ski Center was flashy. When the thickness of snow on the Erciyes mountain road exceeded 10 centimeters, the municipality teams started to work.

In Kayseri, the downpour, which starts to show off during the day, continues to affect the snow.When rain falls to the city center and its surroundings, snowfall has begun to show off in Pınarbaşı, Sarız, Bünyan and Tomarza accidents. With the snow in the districts, the snow thickness reached 5 centimeters. The snow falling in Erciyes Ski Center and the peak of Erciyes Mountain was flashy. The thickness of the snow exceeded 10 centimeters with the continuing rainfall around the ski resort. Megakent Municipality teams started snow plowing on the way to the ski resort. Snowfall is expected to be showy in addition to multiple times.