EEMKON 2015 was held at the Harbiye Military Museum

EEMKON 2015 was held at the Harbiye Military Museum: EEMKON 2015, the most comprehensive congress and exhibition ever held in the fields of Electrical and Electronics engineering, was held at the Harbiye Military Museum.

Organized by the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers (EMO), EEMKON 2015 has brought together thousands of engineers working in this field with representatives of industry, universities, public institutions and organizations. 3 symposium, 7 symposium, 9 panel organized by the 36 University supported the congress of engineering education, energy policies, electronic industry applications, communication technologies, electrical and control engineering, biomedical engineering, urban and electrical issues were discussed.

The aim of this year's Congress is; to address the current situation in our country and our country in the rapidly developing electrical and electronic engineering fields, assess the current situation, determine the future targets and determine the policies to be followed in order to reach these targets.


EEMKON 2015 started with art and ended with science. The congress started with the Istanbul University State Conservatory Orchestra. Professor Dr. After the concert organized under the leadership of Sıddık Yarman, the transition from art to science was made.

In EEMKON 2015, the world-renowned engineer known as ”The Genius of Electronics E Dr. The panel titled ini 2035 Vision in the Electronics Sector dık, organized by Sıddık Yarman, with the participation of leading companies in the sector such as Aselsan, Vestel, Arçelik and Netaş; shed light on the future vision of the sector and the participants.

Head of the Electrical-Electronics Department at Istanbul University, President of FMV Işık University Board of Trustees and Member of EEMKON 2015 Organizing Committee. Dr. Siddiqui Yarman started his speech as follows:

Ri One who grows from the nucleus, a radio professional, an industrialist, a teacher, a researcher, electric and electronics as one of the books shed practice and most important of all, the professor of Electricity. Dr. As a student of Duran Leblebici, I would like to briefly explain to you how this concept of electricity and electronics has come to life in today's markets. The dynamics of the sector or market are not step-by-step; that is, not before the first one to finish and then to the second. conjugate structure. The parallel structure has progressive phases and all processes are developing at the same time. First, there is a research phase; there are very basic findings that you can shed light on technological developments. We have listened to the details of this phase in the details of EEMKON. In the second phase; We are talking about the transformation of research into technological studies. At this point, the transformation of transistor or diode concepts into LED technologies can be obtained by obtaining physical experiences. Up to this point, we have carried out researches in parallel structures and transformed these studies into technological and physical studies. As a result of these technologies and developments in the third phase, we bring together the components in our hands and make them suitable for the end user. Here are the display units, which are named as ler display en or en Dear Duran üçüncü, and display technologies are the most important examples for this third phase. As a result, the continuity of all the works with the combination of all these phases is concerned, Sonuç he said.

Professor Dr. Sıddık YARMAN, ivers R & D studies in our country are almost nonexistent, except for a few numbered universities, it is difficult to see and follow developments; therefore, 'all phases are triggering each other', especially to achieve results for the third phase is very troublesome in existing facilities. These challenging processes are in fact an 4 phase we are not bad at; that feeds creativity. If we don't run these three stages properly, we cannot support our creativity, ie, the levels in which we are more developed. We should improve our human resources and our direct financing for the sector continuity (although it is perceived as an indirect factor). Investments worth billions of dollars and proper finance are necessary for continuity. Lar

Professor Dr. Sıddık YARMAN, in relation to 2035 Vision in the Electronics Industry; Gerekiyor In 2035, production volume needs to rise to $ 143 billion. The point is that the number for the 2035 target should be increased. Our foreign sales, which is another value, should be 71 billion. If we can adopt such figures; we can embody and develop our goals. When we look at our future planning, we need a real 200 engineer for the manufacturing industry. In addition to the 300 thousand in electronic and software-intensive areas; especially in the field of artificial intelligence software, especially the service sector and marketers need. As a result, we are talking about the need for qualified, trained manpower in a number like 500 bin. UM

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