In Denizli, the wind blows the first cable-lift

The wind lifted the wind in Denizli gave the first grievance: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality last month's service of the ropeway opened the first victims. When the cabs stopped working due to strong winds, many people coming to Bağbaşı Plateau were evacuated by minibuses. Citizens criticized the transport of passengers without considering meteorological data.

1.400, which was founded by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality between Bağbaşı Neighborhood and 17 highland, opened its service in October. Tens of thousands of people, who will ride on the ropeway for the first time, flocked to Bağbaşı. Denizli people came to the plateau, the city saw a bird's eye and toured the highlands.

The ropeway was also taken care of between 16 and 20 November. After the completion of the periodical maintenance began again. Today he went to Bagbasi to go up the plateau with many Denizli cable cars. A section of the cabins moved to the highland.

However, the days of Meteorology's r strong wind alın warnings made without taking the warning of the cable car, had to be stopped after a while. The swing of the cabins caused the winds to give the passengers many minutes of fear.

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