Davraz Ski Resort on the ticket to piyongo

On Davraz Ski Center piyongo ticket: The Davraz Ski Center visual will be included in the raffle tickets to be held by the National Lottery in January.

In a written statement made by the Isparta Governorship, it was stated that Davraz Ski Center has become one of the important winter tourism centers in recent years.

The Governor of Isparta, Vahdettin Özkan, stated that some attempts were made in order to increase the recognition of the center, and the following were recorded:

“As a result of Özkan's negotiations with the National Lottery Administration, he ensured that a photo of the Davraz Ski Center was included on the tickets to be sold for the National Lottery's drawing dated 29 January 2016. With its tickets expected to be printed and sold for millions, it is expected that Davraz Ski Center, which has shined in winter tourism in recent years, will attract the attention of many people and contribute to the promotion of Isparta.


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