Critical recommendation for the Terminal tram project from Necati Şahin

Necati Şahin's critical proposal for the terminal tram project: Necati Şahin, who attracted attention with his troubled approaches for Bursa when he was the President of the Chamber of Civil Engineers, continues to think about Bursa today.
The project called T2, which will bring the Silkworm tram to the Terminal, made an important proposal for the future.
Şahin emphasized that the expansion lines planned for Bursaray were interrupted by the City Center and points to the Terminal tram project on the agenda:
Yal The Yalova Road tram that was discussed was actually the 5 line of the BursaRay system. In other words, it was not a tram but a light rail system, but Yalova Road was left to the final stage in the main project because of the small number of passengers. ”
Recep As it seems, Mr. Recep Altepe is taking the step towards implementing this process in two stages, ip he says:
Yerine In this part of the city, instead of waiting for the passenger size to reach the level that will fill HRS, or making a HRS with a large investment and working under capacity for a long time, he chooses to make trams and facilitate transportation on this line and increase comfort. He plans to return to HRS in the future in line with passenger size. Yolcu
Ü The important aspect of this application is that the rails and the energy transmission system are designed and implemented in a way that is suitable for the light rail system. ”

Source: Ahmet Emin YILMAZ - I

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  1. I sincerely agree with Mr. Necati ŞAŞMAZ, his critique is very correct and forward-thinking. Who could say the right thing?

  2. Mr. Cemalettin Torun put forward important information and reasonable ideas. However, being stuck in classic, standard projects always brings unnecessary burden on the citizen (as a result of our taxes bizim), projects with low efficiency are a waste of resources, and other projects are eaten right. Rather than the behavior of ır I do not know birds other than crows,,? I wonder what else can happen? Yerine always ask, so a little cross, it is useful to think in contradiction. The alternative of a wasteful level method such as knitting with the subway networks is to create a ring in the vicinity of the city with one and / or two, if necessary, with more overground lines and to connect the ring with one or two metro lines ve + şehr and / or bir x raf. . At the most affordable price, the highest flow rate can be reached in this way. From the triangulation points to be created, pendulum regional transportation systems (eg bus layan) and the most remote settlements can also be reached. In this way, all city points can be reached in the shortest time and time. Here is the point; not to take the subway from point A to the farthest B point, not to be afraid of transfer. Skills that require; This system's combi / Verbund way to make the connection planning. I would recommend BERLIN integrated (Verbund) public transportation system as an example of concept that should be examined. It is important to note that the system example is the subway tunnel in Munich, which makes it a must to limit, limit, and not to do. Old systems (Paris, London X) can only be quoted in part because 1: 1 cannot be applied because of their historical development. In this context, the Copenhagen-Copenhagen standard must be explored with the standard non-vehicle concept, which is one of the rare worlds!