Accident on Metrobus Road (Video)

Accident on the Metrobus road: There was a heavy traffic accident in Sefaköy due to many casualties.

In the accident that took place in Küçükçekmece, the driver who entered the metrobus road and crashed to the metrobus and then to Ankara direction was seriously injured. A female passenger with a Metrobus driver stuck in the vehicle. The injured people could be removed from the place they were stuck with the minutes of rescue work. In the accident where the front part of the metrobus was shattered, it was returned from the disaster.

According to the alleged accident in the morning 08.00 queue of the driver of the vehicle, lost control of the metrobüs entered the path. The vehicle that was reported to be fast was hit by the metrobus, which was heading towards Avcilar, and then hit other vehicles moving in the direction of Ankara. The woman was injured in the vehicle that was torn apart.

The front part of the metrobus was heavily damaged by the severity of the impact. The metrobus driver and a female passenger are stuck in the vehicle. Firefighters from the scene after the accident spent minutes to save the wounded. After the rescue work, the wounded were moved to ambulances with stretchers. 5 5 vehicle was damaged in the accident with one person. The wounded were taken to hospitals in the vicinity and treated.



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