BURULAS became a model for other transportation companies

BURULAŞ again became a model for other transportation companies: urban and intercity transportation Turkey's brand of alternative transportation solutions offered Burulaş, software and technical infrastructure that continues to perform on-site completely new with Bursakart. Burulaş, which solves its own human resources and electronic ticketing system in-house, makes Bursboard filling process even faster with the kiosks it positions in metro stations.

As different from each other and implement innovative service models to Burulaş with Turkey in the field of transportation, software and technical infrastructure was carried out on-site completely Bursakart has signed with another important innovation. Human resources in-house electronic ticketing system that resolves completely within the organization Burulaş, it was able to study in Turkey with other metropolitan transport company to be an example. Burulaş has positioned Bursboard filling devices at metro stations in order to ensure that citizens do not waste time on Bursboard filling processes. Underlining that Burulaş always closely follows innovations and trends that will make life easier for transportation, Burulaş General Manager Levent Fidansoy said, “As in every field in the developing world, many innovations are taking place in transportation. As Burulaş, a close follower of this development in the sector, we continue to bring many innovations and breakthroughs to our passengers. Finally, we are happy to bring another innovation to our passengers with the Kiosks we have put into operation in the subways ”.

Stating that citizens will be able to fill Bursboard faster with the kiosks placed in metro stations, Levent Fidansoy said, “In recent years, due to the increase in population in our city, there has been an increase in demand in public transportation. Especially due to the passenger density between going to work and school in the morning and returning home in the evening, queues may occur from time to time during Bursboard filling at metro stations. Due to this situation, our citizens who miss the metro service may cause an increase in passengers at stations, overcrowding in wagons and delays in the trips. "With the innovation we brought to metro stations with kiosks, our passengers will both fill Bursboard faster and prevent some of the problems experienced during rush hours."

Fidansoy giving information about the use of kiosks; card machine in the specified area Bursakart contacted with descriptive instructions on the machine after the filling of the extremely easy way to do, situated on the kiosks supported mAlArlA information in English and Turkish domestic and foreign passengers, he said easily they can perform their Bursakart filling.

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