The bad news is also from Torbalı '

📩 07/12/2018 17:39

Another bad news is from Torbalı: İzmir BayraklıA similar bad news came from İzmir Torbalı after 17 years old Pelin Ümrem Boyacı committed suicide by jumping in front of the Izmir Suburban Line (İZBAN) train.

Ä ° ± â € ™ in Izmir bagged a passenger train jumped 45 yaåÿä ± n the birth of ã¶nã¼n Booth, died yaåÿamä när ± ±.

Events, Today ralarä sÄ ± ± n In the 15.00 hours, kuåÿã§ubur the Mahallesiâ € ™ s Mumps € ™ s in Mevkiiâ occurred. Psychological problems yaåÿadä ± Aya ± ã¶äÿrenil that, Ä ° zmir bã¼yã¼kåÿeh is Belediyesiâ € ™ s the officer, married with two çOcuk father, the well ± birth Booth, Ä ° zmirâ € ™ s Tire yã¶nã¼n leading Naci Gold of passenger trains in Akda yã¶netim ± jumped to na.

Bozkurt lost his life at the scene. He did the gendarmerie examination at the scene on the yapt ° hbar. Subsequently, Bozkurt's corpse was removed to Ard Ýzmir Medical Institution. The gray wolf € ™ s RAC sevdiäÿ and the family of a suicide note istediäÿ forgive him Ktai Ã§Ä ± ± ± Aya was ã¶äÿrenil. The gendarmerie initiated an investigation into the incident.

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