Binali Yildirim used Vatay's seat and used Marmaray

Binali Yıldırım used Marmaray to go to Vatman Chair: Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, visited the Pendik-Ayrılıkçeşme Commuter Line. Afterwards, the Minister Yıldırım, who was passing to his father's seat in Ayrılıkçeşme Marmaray Station, used Marmaray to Yenikapı.

Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, examined the works on the ongoing Pendik-Ayrılıkçeşme Commuter Line.

Receiving information about the work at various stations on the line, Yıldırım then moved to Ayrilikcesme Marmaray Station. Faced with the intense interest of the citizens at the station, Minister Yıldırım, sohbet and took a photo. Yildirim, who later took the seat of the vatman, used Marmaray from Ayrılıkçeşme to Yenikapı Station.

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  1. Binali Bey is very grateful for his services and visionary projects. However, it is understandable that even if it is understandable and acceptable to sit in a patriotic seat, it is not a matter of the President, nor the minister, the minister or the general manager. Only those who have passed the special education and have successfully passed the required examinations have been given this authority, it is sufficient and competent for the competent and effective people. Being a politician never gives these people the competence and permission to have this authority! Let the baker be the baker and let him make the bread, let him know the dyer painting, get the health officer to deal with health problems. Similarly: Do your doctor's degree in medicine. Hek. (=, Because he received his certificate, a practitioner hek. = cannot become internal medicine. Hele Operator Dr.-Hek. (Chr. Ophthalmology (eye) and / or Operator Dr.-Hek. Nephrology (Kidney and Urinary system) or Oper. Dr.-Hek. Jinololoji vbg consultant (yapmak. Operator / Chirurg), this specialist physician to take, operation = surgery to do heart surgery do not put into the operating room. Is not it?
    This is not to know an implication, to keep the profession under his feet = SONG!