Büyükakın, İzmit transportation must be underground

Büyükakın, Kocaelide transportation should go underground: I see Tahir Büyükakın, the Secretary General of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, as a sincere and reliable friend. SohbetI always enjoyed his work, I learned many things from him. Yet, Büyükak has not been able to sign his name in this city in a very difficult but very important task. But I am hopeful. I trust Büyükakın's meticulous, investigative identity. Maybe it's not very practical and quick. He prefers to proceed cautiously, slowly but firmly.

He's an academician. He came to visit the other day. We talked about the city. The Secretary-General said that he has focused on five key issues, and he is trying to plan and plan for this city after 2020, not today, a few months later. Büyükakın said, Büyük I focused on 5 basic subject. This city is growing very fast and we have to do very big works with very good planning, Bu he said. In the following, I will tell you about the 5 basic subject which is very important for the future of the city by the mouth of the Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Tahir Büyükakın and the evaluations about these issues:

1) -METRO- Tahir Buyukakin believes that it is inevitable to get under the ground for transportation in the future of Kocaeli. He has started work on building the metro network throughout the city. There is also a very concrete and important suggestion in this regard, that is to say that the source for the metro, which has a very high cost. I'm going to tell you in person about the Metro proposal.

2) - RAIL SYSTEMS - According to Büyükakın, subway and rail systems in urban transportation should be used together. At present, the construction of the tramway in Izmit has started. The Secretary General is very involved in this project. Closely following. Currently, the countdown for the end of the tram project on the Metropolitan Municipality website is continuing. At the end of this period the tram will work, he said.

3) -MEYDANLAR- Secretary-General Büyükakın emphasized the importance of protecting and evaluating the existing squares of the city in terms of the future of the city. He explained that he worked on the Thursday Market area, the area that was vacated by the former Governor's Office, the area gained from Mannesmann in Seka Park, the squares that are empty today like the fairground, and the projects aimed at making the city the best possible evaluation in the future. For example, a metro station will come under the Thursday Market area. Again this area will be used as a big bazaar filled with six shops.

4) - URBAN TRANSFORMATION - Büyükakın thinks that the opportunity for Urban Transformation in Kocaeli should not be missed. He wants to make urban transformation not only with TOKI and Kent Konut, but also by including the contractors of this city. He also started work on this subject. Kocaeli, especially in Izmit Urban Transformation of both the citizens of the house to be renewed, and the contractor in charge of this work can be done in a way that would be necessary to make special arrangements, he said.

5) -GENÇLİK HİZMETLERİ- One of the areas in which the Secretary General has worked intensively on the subject and has chosen him as his primary duty is the topic of Youth Services. He said: ün We want to open the way for all children, young people who know a language, play a musical instrument, are interested in a sport and are capable. We will be in the organizations that will introduce them to the world, enable them to develop in the best way in the fields of fine arts and sports. Onlar

These are the main areas of interest of Tahir Büyükakın. However, on the other hand, a corner of the city still complains about the fact that a pit where the citizen complained was repaired on a street in any corner of the city. We're going to take a city tour together in the coming days. He will show the big projects passing through his head around the places where these projects will be implemented. I promised to eat. But I still couldn't persuade him to have a drink with the fish.

* Historic suggestion for Metro
Metropolitan General Secretary Tahir Büyükakın sohbetDuring our meeting, he emphatically said:
Laş -This city is developing very fast and crowded. We will make as much bridged intersections, sunk outputs, new roads. In 2035, this city will be more crowded and mobile than 4. For all major cities, the formula is notorious. At least 35-40 must be provided by public transport. If we cannot provide this, if everyone moves in the city with his private car, we cannot get out of trouble. Kocaeli traffic is worse than Istanbul. For this reason, we are obliged to carry public transport and public transport underground. Bu

Büyükakın insists on the subway. He thinks that the minibus and buses can be used with the right rail system (tramway), the subway should be integrated and the capillary transportation can be used with the right planning. But the metro is a very expensive investment. One kilometer for the metro, 100 is supposed to spend a million TL. Büyükakın said, bir My investment budget is only 350 million TL ığ and he explained a proposal that has not been on the agenda of the city until now but that is seriously discussed at the metropolitan upper level:

I - As the Metropolitan Municipality, we owe 3 billion TL from the past to the treasury (2004 figure). We're cutting money and we're gonna pay for it until 2044. The main benefit of our debt is 1.3 billion TL. The rest is interest. I have calculated, we will pay 2044 billion TL interest until 7.7. Let us push the government into the state as a city. But this is not just the work of the Metropolitan Municipality with the demand of the AKP. The whole city, all political parties, all non-governmental organizations should suppress on this issue. The legal formula can also be found. Let the state erase our interest. Let's pay the main money. If the interest of 2044 billion TL, which we have to pay until 7.7 is deleted, I will do 2044 kilometers in this city until 77. No traffic problem, no transportation problem. Even when the law is passed to erase the interest debt, "I can only use this money in the construction of subway construction," he is conditional.

Every person in this city should put Büyükakın's historical proposal before anyone who thinks of this city. Kocaeli to pay interest to the state until the year 2044, the state to remove the interest of our debt. So far, the interests of the businessmen of many sectors, the citizens' debts to the state was deleted. Now they should remove the interest debt of Kocaeli. Let's use this money only for the construction of the subway.

* From Bireke to Umuttepe
The municipality of the city, the Metropolitan Municipality, to provide comfort in the city transportation, a kind of promise, despite working on the same route to bring to the alignment of uncooperative cooperatives in order to bring a large amount of new, modern bus began to purchase. General Secretary Büyükakın, 240 of these buses were received from the delivery, the natural gas filling facilities for these buses are still in Gebze and the Gulf, and the buses were brought into the prophet said.

The new buses of the Metropolitan Municipality do not know how to move around this narrow road. However, Büyükakın explained the following example:

Oturan If a citizen sitting in Upper Hereke wants to go to Umuttepe. 4 has to ride on separate minibus. 10 is paying TL to go to Umuttepe from Yukarı Hereke. This will put you on the bus even. From Hereke to Umuttepe, the citizen will come and go with one vehicle. Karamürsel, Gebze lines will put these buses. It will be a great comfort. Önemli

* Three large sank output
While Secretary General Büyükakın talks to me about big projects, I also face the works that are seen as relatively small, but which are not made but promised. I said:
Ay -Public General
Secretary, you're using the edges of these pedestrian overpasses like a billboard. There is a huge banner at the entrance of Karamürsel e It will be sunk in Karamürsel Center. Kartepe entrance to the exit, for the center of the Köseköy sank-finished and finished as well as finished posters. When will you do this? In Turkey, the main roads were no other city with so many red light is interrupted. E I asked the Secretary General again where he worked. Büyükakın said:

.You will be in construction up to 2018 in this city. We'il be like construction sites until 2018. Karamürsel sank in the center, will start at 2017. We start work in Köseköy Center next March. We are trying to correct a few issues that the highways have objected to in the project. Let's do it, or we're discussing this part of Gölcük in the tunnel. They're all done. It will be finished by 2018. X

* Im I will tell Yahya Captain *
The Secretary General is currently focusing the most on tramway construction. Some areas of the tram route passing through Yahya Kaptan, some of the green areas still under occupation will be emptied, such as the passage of tramways in the vehicle traffic will be made in such a way that the expansion will be cut some trees will be cut, he said. Büyükakin said:

Zor - In Yahya Kaptan District, these things have to be done. I'm afraid to face resistance. In the coming days, I will tell Yahya that we will have meetings with citizens, with the headman, where we will expand the road, where we will have to cut a few trees. I hope I can convince the citizen about the right thing. Im

* En That happened to you because of you *
Buyukakın, sohbetWhile we were talking on the tram, he made me an expense too. He said:
EcekThis was actually going through the Tramway Walkway. We never had a job. You convinced the President to walk. Because of you, the president refused to let the tram pass through the Walkway. However, we could move the pipes under the Walkway to Ankara Street and pass the tram. Because of you, the business has been prolonged and we have had a new route. Send

I'm just proud of this if I really saved the Walkway from the tram. The most beautiful and special place of Izmit I think is the Walk Way. Why are we taking the train if we're going over there?

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