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Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Smart Card Explained: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, recently increasing the number of complaints, smart card applications made a statement about the complaints. Since the start of the public complaints system, which is the subject of major complaints of citizens, and especially the drivers of the Halk Kart system in the statement reminded that the examination, at the end of the examination of the system is not technically desired level, some of the issues in the tender document is reported to be incomplete. In the 2011, it was decided by the Administrative Court that the cancellation was decided by the Administrative Court due to the violation of the Tender Law and that it was revealed that the correspondence was made for the performance of this decision and that the contract guarantee letter of the contractor had been returned. In accordance with the law and the mandatory provisions of the contract, it was determined that this liquidation had not been done by the administration of the day and that the contracting company had been completely unauthorized and unlawful. After this decision 2886 years after the judicial review of the work in terms of the main judicial disruption of the decision, the re-taking of the security of the work was determined to be legally impossible to carry out, and the work has been liquidated. Since mutual agreement could not be reached, arbitration was continued and the arbitration still continues at this stage. In short, the business is in the process of liquidation. Kıs

The system has been receiving intense complaints since the day it was established and this situation is also reflected in the press from time to time in the statement also was reminded that many complaints were made to the Municipality. Ada For this reason, it has been decided to establish a new system by the Municipality itself in order to avoid the difficulties of having the business and the tradesmen dealing with these operators and not to leave the accounts where the people's money is collected directly to these operators. U The system is operated by the Antalya Transport Corporation, which operates the red bus, light rail and sea buses. saved by. With this application, the address of the owner of the system and the trades of the tradesmen Transportation Co. Inc. "The most important is that the public and the transporter's money will be under the guarantee of the state," he said.

Metropolitan Municipality Council 13.10.2014 date and 532 number 14 with the decision in the county, 14.07.2015 date and 671 numbered decision; 'Muratpaşa, Kepez, Konyaaltı, Döşemealtı and Aksu district public transportation and vehicle tracking automation system to set up the work' reminding that the Antalya Transportation Inc. was given in the statement "also, the Court of Arbitration to the contractor" to the citizens until a new system is established to keep the system uninterrupted and undamaged, so that the tradesmen do not become victims. At this stage, despite all kinds of warnings, there were major disruptions in the system, repair and maintenance of the defective validators, and many card filling points were closed, complaints were received and the company was warned every time. In spite of all these problems and complaints about them increased; In the Transport Coordination Center (UKOME), 27.10.2015 made a decision on the new system to be established with the date and 2015 / 10-606 (2 / 3) numbered Resolution and at the same time, the Transportation Coordination Center. The letter requesting the urgent establishment of a new system has been sent to the company. Antalya Transportation Inc. continues to work as fast as possible to establish a new system. On the one hand, legal procedures are completed and technical details of the new system are being studied. In these preparations, we pay attention to the fact that our citizens and our shopkeepers are not victims in any way. A technologically most advanced system with the highest level of ease of use and security will be implemented in a very short time. Hem

It was noted that the increasing complaints were not caused by the current municipal administration; due to errors in the bidding documents made in the previous period, all authorization and responsibility were left to the operator and that the money collection account was opened in his own name by this company. Due to the complaints received, the company has written many warnings and warnings were made, and the complainant and the responsible person was the direct company. In the statement, all these experiences proved that the decision taken for the liquidation of this system proved to be accurate.

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