Another support for İbrahim Çivic came from the Turkish Metal Union

A support for İbrahim Çivic came from the Turkish Metal Union: A support for the railway worker İbrahim Çivic, who was signed on the social media for him since he had been in the press for 20 years, came from the Turkish Metal Union.

providing rail safety workers walk 15 kilometers a day Abraham nailers way the story has been one of Turkey's most important agenda at a time. Complaining that he could not go on vacation with his family for 20 years, Çivici's second complaint was that sometimes the machinists did not greet him.

İbrahim Çivici, who has influenced millions since they learned that he has not been able to go on holiday for 20 years, and which thousands of people want to send on holiday by launching a signature campaign on social media, will now be able to take a vacation. A good news came to Çivici, who was happy when a machinist stopped the train and greeted him, from the Turkish Metal Union.

Hayrettin Cakmak, Branch President of the Turkish Metal Union, Izmir 2, visited Ibrahim Civici and his wife at the workplace where he worked for his trade union and members. The Turkish Metal family, together with the greetings and greetings of the 180 members of the family, invited him to make a holiday in his own facilities for the laborers as the best examples of social unionism. Çivici said teşekkür the greeting and gift of the laborer is on my head. In the face of the invitation and thanked everyone for being the Chairman of Turkish Metal Union.

Turkish Metal Union, Turkey 180 thousand members to their hotels in spouses and children along with the indicating training and vacation facilities to provide with known President Lighter, "Labor is our friend, we say we can accommodate in any nailers in Turkey depends on the Metal Union Buyuk Anadolu Hotels of. Thanks, he did not break us and said he could spend his annual holiday with us this year. ” spoke in the form.

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