Turkish company connects two countries by rail

The Turkish company connected the two countries by rail: Ankara-based Nata Holding completed the 9-kilometer line in Turkmenistan in 27 months, connecting this country with Kazakhstan by rail.

According to the statement made by the company, Nata Holding, which is included in the list of "World's Top 225 International Contractors" announced by News Record (ENR), has completed its project in Turkmenistan. The company, which built a 9-kilometer railway line in 27 months by building a construction site in the middle of the desert in Turkmenistan, thus connected Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan by rail.

Nata Holding Chairman Namık Tanık, in the winter -25, in the summer 60 said they work in the harsh weather conditions, stating that the Turkmenistan market is attractive and there are suitable conditions for foreign partners in the country, he said.

The witness stressed that Turkmenistan President Gurbangulu Berdimuhamedov provided all kinds of convenience for Turkish companies to work comfortably and underlined that they have realized important projects in many areas of Turkmenistan. Noting that Turkmenistan is the second home, the witness said, “I spend most of my time at my job in Turkmenistan.

We are carrying out important projects in the fields of electrification and telecommunications, and we have solved an important problem in transportation of Turkmenistan with the completion of 250 kilometers of electricity, signaling, railway communication works between Bereket-Etrek and the steel bridge it has built in the Karakum Canal passing through Başkent Ashgabat. ”

The witness also reminded that the infrastructure business is the father's profession, and noted that they continue the projects in this country with great devotion. Nata Holding, which manufactures concrete, pole, bridge entrance, curbstone, pipe and various prefabricated products in Bereket city of Turkmenistan, has two factories in Çohanlı and Bereket districts operating under the name of Nata-Net-Hocalık society.



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