The giant crane of the gulf bridge is being raised in Haydarpaşa

The gigantic crane of the gulf bridge is being raised in Haydarpaşa: The last preparations are being made to install the decks in the Izmit Bay Crossing Bridge, the most important part of the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir highway project, which Feridun Bilgin, the former Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications of Istanbul, informed that it will open in March 2016. .

The giant floating crane to be used in the installation of the decks and the installation of the inclined hangers was anchored in the port of Haydarpaşa for the extension of the crane height. Following the installation of the main cable from the middle of December and the installation of oblique hangers, the decks will be laid one after the other and the two sides will unite.


The planned opening of the Izmit Gulf Transition Bridge was about 4 months, while preparations for starting the laying of bridge decks that would carry the vehicles came to an end. The main cable that will carry the two sides of the main cable is a total of 330 thousand meters of thin steel cable. It is learned that the main cable has been partially completed with 85 of the withdrawal process. After the completion of the main cable, the installation of oblique hangers will be carried out.


The floating crane er Taklif 7 N, which will be used in the mounting of bridge decks and sloping hangers, was taken to Haydarpaşa Port for raising the height. After the completion of the lifting of the giant floating crane, which was taken to the southern part of the port, it was stated that it would go to İzmit bay. Until the end of the works related to the floating crane, it was learned that the port was banned and the ships were prohibited in case of an accident. In the coming days after the completion of the installation of the main cable, oblique hangers will be assembled. Then, in mid-December, the decks will be brought to the ground under the bridge by sea.


In total, the 2 682 meter planned as a bridge in the middle of the middle of the 500 meters will be a thousand meters and the world's fourth largest bridge with the middle opening was specified. When the bridge is over, 3 will serve as 3 lanes for going and 6 arrival. There will also be a service strip on the bridge. When the Gulf Transition Bridge is completed, the 2 hour is currently going around the Gulf, with the ferry to the 1 hour, the gulf transition time will go down to the average 6 hour. Izmit Bay Transition Bridge 1.1 is realized with a billion dollar investment. When the project is completed, 8-10 hour will continue at 3,5 hour and 650 million dollars will be saved.

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