300 km between Ankara and Konya will be passed quickly

Ankara-Konya will be passed at a speed of 300 km: TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmail Murtazaoğlu, conveying that the Konya YHT line is suitable for 300 kilometers, 'We are going with 250 kilometers / hour now but after providing our vehicles with higher speeds, that is 300 kilometers / hour in the future' We can go quickly, 'he said.

“9.” Organized by UniCredit Group Turkey Infrastructure Finance Conference "Speaking at the Murtazaoğlu, gave information about the YHT line.

  • “Currently, 66 percent of Ankara-Konya travel is done with YHT”

Murtazaoğlu Ismail, said that the need to develop the railway infrastructure in Turkey, told the innovations made in the sector in recent years.

Murtazaoğlu reminded that they realized the first High Speed ​​Train Line (YHT) between Ankara and Eskişehir.

“Eskişehir is now a suburb of Ankara. While 8 percent of the travel between these lines was made by train, this rate increased to 72 percent after the high-speed train. There was no direct rail connection on the Ankara-Konya line. However, now 66 percent of the trip is done with YHT. Ankara-Istanbul line serves up to Pendik. Hopefully, when the Marmaray is completed, we will see that when we can serve all of Istanbul, Ankara-Istanbul will take a significant part of passenger traffic. A railway connection is planned for the third bridge. Until the end of this year, the construction tender project of one section continues. We are trying to be announced before the end of the year. ”

-Konya line speed will increase to 300 kilometers

Currently, there are 12 sets in YHT operations, Murtazaoğlu said:

“We measure all our lines periodically and use them to ensure safety. 2016 very high-speed train sets will be purchased in 6. One of them was taken. The geometrical state of the 185-kilometer part of our Konya line has a geometry and infrastructure that can speed up to 300 kilometers. Now we are going with 250 kilometers / hour, but after providing our vehicles in the future, we can go with higher speeds, ie up to 300 kilometers / hour. In total, we will purchase 106 high-speed train sets. We will purchase them with local and learning-based technology. 53 percent of them in a way that will be produced in Turkey. companies that sell it to us to find a way inside and its partners will produce in Turkey. We will also contribute to the industry of our country. ”

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