If there is no local experience in the 3 billion Euro train business, disaster will occur

In the 3 billion Euro train business, there is a disaster if there is no domestic experience: Canadian Bomberdier's V2010Zefiro train set, which was started in Italy within the framework of the 1.6 billion Euro agreement signed with Trenitalia, soon after moving from Rome to Milan then it reached 300 kilometers per hour.
Luiji Corradi, General Manager of Bombardier Italy, mentioned the speed capacity of the 8 wagon set:
- In fact, this train can speed up to 400 kilometers per hour. However, the highest speed that can be achieved in commercial use was found as 360 kilometers per hour.
600 added that we will complete the road near the 3 per hour and added:
The Rome-Florence railway line was built in the 1970s. This line should not exceed 250 kilometers. Our speed will increase to 300 after Florence.
Florence after the first 300 32 mileage rate is responsible for the country Bomdardi saw on the screen and Turkey General Manager Sales Director Northern Europe Furio got back Rossiya:
- 80 setlik you enter in Turkey
train tender
Will it be V300Zefiro?
- No. There will be something like this. Your government doesn't want more than 250 kilometers per hour right now.
80 Monet
I asked for value:
- It may be close to 3 billion Euros.
I reminded the following words of former Transport Minister Lutfi Elvan:
- We are looking for a minimum of 80 percent locality requirement in 53 high-speed train sets. We want to hire a local partner with a minimum 20 percent stake.
Rossi commented on the message I sent from Elvan:
- Not having native experience in a train set of 80 means disaster. What is true is that the domestic experience is also involved in the production of 80 train sets and the know-how is increased. Because, it is necessary to have accumulation in maintenance and repair. It looks like a 7-year maintenance-repair warranty will be requested in the tender.
Investment and domestic partner pointed to the issue:
- We announced our investment plan of 100 million euros in Turkey on the occasion of this tender. We will do this with a local partner.
- Facility established for 100 million Euros
Will 3 be enough for billion euros production?
- 100 million Euros only foreseen for the establishment of the facility.
I wanted to know who your local partner would be:
- We can't explain yet. However, the factory will be close to Ankara.
I looked at Lütfi Elvan's words in the first quarter of this year:
- We plan to put the high-national high-speed train, which is entirely domestic and designed by Turkish engineers, on the tracks in 2019.
Will the new government of the AK Party, 3 billion euros in the tender on the agenda in the near future?
Will the 80 have enough experience for the domestic common hızlı national high-speed train olabil in the set train production?
Or Durmazlar Some domestic manufacturers such as “national high-speed train kol handles earlier for

We did 1 billion euros of sales to Turkey

BOMBARDIER Northern European Sales Director and General Manager of Turkey Furio Rossi, subway or train cars were sort of given services in Turkey:
- Kayseri, Eskişehir, Bursa light rail systems, we have wagons or trains in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir subways. We also make a signaling system.
- At what level your sales to Turkey?
- We sold 10 billion Euros in 1 years.
Couldn't this sale bring Bombardier before?

2023 has a $ 1 billion investment plan up to 100

During the previous governments of the AK Party, I looked at the investment plans for rail systems, including urban transportation:
- By 2023, 100 billion dollars will be invested in rail systems. 49 billion dollars of this will be for train transportation. By 2021, 106 high speed train sets will be purchased.
Ankara-Eskisehir March 2009, Ankara-Konya High Speed ​​Train Line opened in August 2011. Ankara-Istanbul YHT line works are in progress. Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Izmir YHT projects are under construction and infrastructure works.
TCDD is currently running an 40 high-speed train service between Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Konya, Ankara-Eskisehir and Konya-Eskisehir. 10 high-speed train set active in the fleet.

Source: Vahap Munyar - sosyal.hurriyet.com.t is

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