Eco-friendly Karşıyaka tram line moving to 14 tree

Eco-friendly Karşıyaka 14 trees are transported for the tram line: Construction works for the "environmentally friendly" means of transportation Karşıyaka and Konak, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality carries the trees on the route, which prevent the construction of the line, to new living spaces without damaging them.

The last example of this Karşıyaka on the line. Cahar Dudayev Boulevard, Taypark entrance, in front of Folkart Houses and Bostanli Bridge on the black pepper, plane, cypress, eucalyptus, phoenix and thuja species of 12 tree, pruning after being removed from the area will be moved to the Euphrates Nursery. The 2 palm on the Bostanli Bridge will be removed tomorrow from the area (27 November 2015) and planted in the Inciralti City Forest.

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