Yilmaz, Sincan Metro As Refugee Boats

Yilmaz, Sincan Metro As the Refugee Boats: MHP Alper Cagri Yilmaz, Sincanlers subway incontinence brought the agenda.

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Ankara 1. District Deputy candidate Alper Cagri Yilmaz, the Sincan people reacted to the subway incendiary. Yilmaz, Sincan metro service, pointing out that the transfer service is something other than suffering S Sincan Metrosu in busy working hours, almost like a refugee boat with heavy traffic, am he said.

MHP Ankara 1. Alper Cagri Yilmaz, the district deputy candidate, said in a written statement on the subject:

"Metro, while in the capital of the world all over Turkey to end the traffic grind to grind people on what has turned bitter.

Today, the metro, which has a population of 500 thousand, has to serve to Sincan, almost to the persecution of Sincanlı citizens.

Sincanlı brothers rejoice because he came to the Red Crescent, to ride to go to the Turkish Red Crescent literally can not breathe. While the 6 wagon should normally be a wagon, the Xinjiang Metro wagons are like refugee boats sinking in the Mediterranean because of the 3 wagon. People are cramped and very uncomfortable. They're now fed up with the same suffering every day. This knows how to ride the bit of the metron.
O Akp power! Is this reva Allah? If your wagons weren't ready then why did you open them? Anyway, your job is half. "

MHP Alper Cagri Yilmaz, Sincanli to go to Kizilay in Batıkent to get down to another subway by criticizing the criticism, then said the following:

Land Ankara Metro is normally planned to be transported directly from Sincan to Çayyolu. For this, signalization studies were announced and Ankara people were sentenced to their homes in the early hours. Despite the fact that the fast and fast flights as of the beginning of Christmas, although it was expressed about a year passed, this service could not be realized. Hik

MHP'li Yilmaz, the metro ring, as well as the problems in the bus ring problems in itself, drawing attention to the following said the following:

Dı Metro lines were opened and many bus services were canceled. The AKP government, which did not give Ankara the value it deserved, left its citizens of the capital exposed to out-of-date tortures and remained in the service of Ankara. Başkent

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