UTIKAD Visited Customs and Trade Minister Cenap Aşcı

UTİKAD Customs and Trade Minister Visited Cenap Aşcı: UTİKAD Chairman of the Board Turgut Erkeskin, UTİKAD Board Member and Customs and Warehouse Working Group President Ahmet Dilik, Uğur Çimen and Hitit Trans from Turkuvaz Nakliyat, Ankara-based members of UTİKAD. The delegation, consisting of Mehmet Yılmaz and UTİKAD General Manager Cavit Uğur, visited the Minister of Customs and Trade Cenap Aşcı in his office.

During the visit, the current issues and developments of the logistics sector were discussed. UTIKAD President Erkeskin stated that they would like to increase the scope and quality of the cooperation between the Ministry of Customs and Trade and UTIKAD.

In the meeting held at the Ministry of Customs and Trade, UTIKAD President Erkeskin stated that it is important to ensure cooperation with a healthy dialogue between public and private sectors in order to ensure the growth and growth of trade.

At this point, saying that the key position of civil society organizations Erkeskin, with this awareness in their work as UTIKAD developments in the movement that they and the world while closely monitoring the impact on our country, both best practices in the world in bringing Turkey and the best practices in Turkey World ' or to work with the cooperation of all the parties said. In addition, this year, the first meeting of the Customs and Trade Council, which takes place in the trade and logistics world of UTİKAD'ın taking part in every platform said that the work took place effectively.

Erkeskin stated that they are in the FIATA platform of the Federation of International Association of Transport Organizations Associations, which is the largest non-governmental organization of the logistics sector worldwide. Erkeskin said that they have closely followed the current situation and future perspectives and they have also guided the world logistics. Reminding that FIATA hosted the 2014 World Congress in Istanbul, Turgut Erkeskin, Secretary General of the World Customs Organization Kunio Mikuriya, said that the congress, which was attended by World Trade Organization Deputy General Director Yonov Frederick Agah, gave important perspectives to our country and sector.

The President of UTIKAD stated that they see that it is important to design systems in today's industrial and commercial life where all countries are economically interdependent and it is important to design them globally. Erkeskin latest FIATA Diploma training program in this context was passed to move to Turkey.

Customs and Trade Minister Cenap Aşcı underlined that they are open to cooperation in all areas with UTİKAD, which is working towards the development of the growing Turkish logistics sector. Minister Aşcı stated that they could support all activities carried out within the framework of FIATA, especially in the education programs.

Cenap Asci, the Ministry of Commerce as well as increasing the task of accelerating and accelerating the workflow of the logistics sector to closely monitor the developments and technological developments, taking advantage of modern customs applications put into use, he said. In doing so, he also stated that they have been fulfilling their duty to ensure the security of trade, one of the other main duties of the customs administration.

During the visit, UTIKAD President Erkeskin presented UTİKAD Education Publications and the first issue of UTİKAD Magazine to Minister Aşcı.

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