Turkey's 365 Things First Day Skiing Snowland Center Opens in Altınoran

Turkey's 365 Things First Day Ski Center Opens in Snowland Altınoran: You do not need to wait for winter to ski or snowboard. Snowland, the world's most exciting and modern ski slope, which offers the opportunity to ski for four seasons of the year, opens in Ankara in November. Snowland, which is located within the borders of Altinoran and Marina Ankara projects in Sinpaş Yapı, Çankaya, will be enjoying the skiing of 10.000 days to Ankara people with its professional structure, experienced team and 365 square ski track.

With Snowflex technology developed by Briton Engineering Development in the UK, Snowland has a synthetic floor that is the closest to the real snow slopes. Snowland, with its many social facilities and facilities, offers skiing and an alternative living space.

For those who want to ski or snowboard, there are also ski slopes, a start track and a skating rink in Snowland, as well as ski slopes, sports equipment rental and sales place, cafe-restaurant, pilates and zumba lounge and children. also has a separate play area. Skiing, snowboarding and ice skating trainings will be provided by a professional team with the most modern methods at the Snowland facility, and the ski lift will be full of excitement by the ski lift. Marina, Ankara and Altınoran, next to the social richness of Altınoran and Marina for Snowland residents in Ankara will be provided with a special 25 discount.

Sinpas Yapı's Altınoran and Marina Ankara projects, in which Snowland is located, promises a privileged life with its 365 day skiing pleasure as well as the social facilities it hosts.

Çankaya Tennis Club with its indoor and outdoor professional tennis courts and expert trainers, Marina Ankara with its orange greenhouses and 4 kilometers of cycling and jogging tracks. Marina, with Marina Towers, Marina Square, Tropical Island, which you can open with small sailboats, row with canoes, sit on one of the coastal terraces and watch the blues, and innovations such as Kanyon, Marina Square and Tropical Island add value to the project. In addition to the lighthouses, cafes and restaurants in the Marina and Marina Square, the 3.5 meter-high waterfall, the beach and the lake are just below the Marina Towers. Another delightful corner of the project is the Tropical Island with its tropical beach and vegetation. There are also swimming and meeting places for children.