Trabzona Light Rail System No More Inevitable

Trabzona Light Rail System is Now Unavoidable: If we ask what the biggest problem is in Trabzon, the traffic problem will be the first. Yes, the city traffic in Trabzon, which has a history of 5 thousand years, is now turned into arabic hair, the main streets in the city center (Ortahisar district center) no longer remove this heavy traffic, even on Yavuz Selim Boulevard (Tanjant road) and the Northern Ring Road. In its intervals and certain sections, traffic becomes almost impossible. And when the new school year starts this week, the traffic jams at the main intersections once again exposed the traffic problem.

Now, it is well known that the measures taken by the local authorities or the safety traffic directorate do not help. The number of vehicles increasing day by day is causing the measures to be eliminated gradually. It's time to think of new alternetifs.

Trabzon is the best alternative light rail system to avoid heavy traffic outside the city and even outside the city. The citizen also asked for the construction of the light rail system. But he was shelved because he was not feasible. The construction was not considered because the numbers were expressed, these figures will not be said, and years passed Trabzon is the last point in the inner city transportation. Let us remind you that according to the latest information, the number of passengers who need to be transported per hour in the light rail system was reduced to one thousand from 17 to 10.

Trabzon easily removes this figure. We have to go one more step in the light rail system. In the metropolitan Trabzon, we should consider the light rail system between Beşikdüzü and Of districts. It can be implemented gradually, and the first stage can be done between Yomra-Ortahisar-Akçaabat. I say it can be done because it can be done if desired.

Is it a source? The source can be covered by EU funds, the light rail system in Samsun was built with this source. Another source, the AK Party Trabzon deputy and candidate, Süleyman Soylu, is glad that some of them have made history, or about the end of the City Hospital, the money spent on the construction of the City Hospital can be spent on a part of the light rail system. There is one more thing I want to underline here. Ask that Trabzon city hospital is necessary or not? It is not necessary for me, a big public hospital should be built in Trabzon. Our biggest mistake is that we do not take the opinions of the people living in the city, the opinions of NGOs and opinion leaders for such important investments to come to the city. A questionnaire study can be done about the city hospital and the place planned to be built. I don't think it's too late.

In my opinion, in Trabzon, the light rail system should have been on the agenda instead of the City hospital. Politicians should work on this issue and give the date that the light rail system will be finished. Let's not forget the Kanuni boulevard, which is under construction here, yes, it will bring relief to Trabzon traffic. In the meantime, if the light rail system is implemented, it will contribute greatly to the image of Trabzon.

One final note, the light rail system should be the sine qua non of Trabzon.

Source: Ahmet Çağlar YILDIRIM -

Günceleme: 07/12/2018 16:59

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