Excitement of İZBAN in Torbalı

Excitement of İZBAN in Torbalı: Within the scope of the project that will bring İzmir Suburban System (İZBAN) to Torbalı, the foundation of the vehicle underpass to be built in the district by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality was laid with a ceremony.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu said that in addition to Bergama, which was removed from the TCDD investment program, Tire and Ödemiş should be rehabilitated within the scope of the suburban project.

The extension of the Izmir Suburban System line to Torbalı (Tepeköy), carried out in partnership with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD, has come to the final stage. Within the scope of the İZBAN project, the Metropolitan Municipality, which took action to build a vehicle overpass, road and bridge on the Torbalı Tepeköy District İsmetpaşa Street, revised the project as a vehicle underpass and changed its location upon intense demand from the people of the district. Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony of the vehicle underpass to be built at the intersection of 4543 Street and 3677 Street, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that it is normal for settled cities to reflect some negativities on daily life during their large investments.

Held in Izmir Suburban Project TCDD with Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's largest public transport project and this line of Izmir from north to south connecting is very important transport axes to highlight President Kocaoglu, he said:

“Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has completed all of its Torbalı investments. Only the signaling works under the responsibility of TCDD remained. They will be completed within a few months, according to our meeting with the General Manager of TCDD. We tendered all the underpasses and stations required to go to Selçuk. Studies continue. Likewise, TCDD also made the tenders that fell on it and continues its work.

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Aziz Kocaoğlu stated that he saddened him that the Bergama leg of the line, which has been completed and reached the expropriation stage, was removed from the TCDD investment program and cut in Çandarlı, “Our duty here is to take Bergama into the TCDD investment budget after the 1 November elections. It is to start the construction first. We have many ruins and historical places. Bergama and Ephesus are among the most important landmarks in the world. "Reaching these two points by one means is very important for the development of the city."

Expressing the importance of the rail system in public transportation, the sine qua non of advanced urbanism and developed cities, Mayor Kocaoglu continued his words as follows:

“When I took office, 11-70 thousand people were transported daily with an 80-kilometer rail system. Today, the number of passengers transported on the 100-kilometer rail system has been increased to 550-600 thousand. Currently, there are existing railway lines connecting to Tire and Ödemiş. In the upcoming period, these lines should be rehabilitated in consultation with TCDD, infrastructure and superstructure investments should be made and İzmir should be knitted with iron networks.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu continued his speech as follows:

“Before İZBAN, 3 thousand passengers were transported via the suburban line. Currently 300 thousand passengers are transported. In other words, the number of passengers increased 100 times. While doing this project, an institution might have done more work, an institution might have done less. We have made a union of destiny. All of these are beautiful. The right thing is to realize these projects that suit this city. But politics has a weak core. Speaking to each other on election eve seems like an event. I have not done this until today, I will not do it in the remaining 3.5 years.

”President Aziz Kocaoğlu thanked the contractor company officials who will build the vehicle underpass for their well-intentioned and sincere approach in the project change process. It should be an end to all discrimination Mayor Kocaoglu stated that in order to re-establish unity and end of his speech, "Ethnic identity, regardless of our beliefs is equal to all citizens living in the Republic of Turkey. We have to protect everyone's property as well as our rights, our property, ”he said.

In his speech, Adnan Yaşar Görmez, Mayor of Torbalı from AK Party, pointed out that Torbalı is a rapidly growing district with its industry, agriculture and tourism and thanked for the services provided. Görmez gave flowers to Mayor Kocaoğlu to express his gratitude on behalf of the people of the district.

At the end of the ceremony, Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu and the guests all pressed the buttons together and laid the first fee on the foundation of the project. With the infrastructure displacement works, an important connection point between the two sides of the railway will be realized thanks to the vehicle underpass, which will cost approximately 4 million 100 thousand TL. 100 meters diving, 50 meters road and metro line crossing, and 100 meters exit are envisaged within the scope of the underpass that has started to be built between Muratbey and Tepeköy neighborhoods.

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