Tram to Kocaeli City Hospital

Tram to Kocaeli City Hospital: Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Isik, the construction of the City Hospital in Kocaeli with a bed capacity of one thousand 180 beds in the construction site. Light said the tramway line to the hospital outside the connecting roads would also be said

Construction work of the City Hospital has started. Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık also visited the area in Izmit Ammunition where basic excavation and excavation works continued for the giant health campus and received information about the works. Briefing briefly from the contracting authorities, Minister Işık later made statements to the press. . The light rail system will be connected here before the construction of the hospital ends, Işık said Işık.


Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Mayor of İzmit Nevzat Doğan, and Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Tahir Büyükakın accompanied Minister Işık in his examinations. Işık said, “Here, we have started to implement an extremely important project for our region and our province. We aim to complete the project within 36 months. And when the project is completed Kocaeli 180 qualified beds kazanit will be messy. Kocaeli will have attained a highly developed and modern health complex with approximately 180 thousand square meters of indoor area of ​​these 335 qualified beds, 52 operating rooms and more than 100 intensive care beds.


“I hope that we will see a serious rapid work together here. About 50 thousand people will log out here daily. This is an extremely important figure. Kocaeli is a very important center to take the burden of health. Of course, this 50 thousand people here to provide access to the daily transport infrastructure have already given instructions to our colleagues.


We have evaluated the preparations for transportation so far. One, enlargement of the bridge on the motorway, the establishment of a new connection from Yesilova and the length of the road we call the length of the canal which we call the first stage of the channel, and at the same time, the entrance to the highway from the other districts to be given the input-output, but at the same time light rail system, such as the construction of our city hospital until the end of many issues, such as our friends, the next 3 will work very intensively during the month, ene he said.


Ministers said they see as an important project extremely Project Light, "with the passing of this project life, our other investments related to health in Kocaeli result data of Kocaeli, health, only Turkey's most powerful province, rather than perhaps the region's most powerful infrastructure to become the city with the future land he said.

After the speeches, Minister Işık left the construction site of the Kocaeli City Hospital by examining the excavation area.

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