Durmazlar Will manufacture the vehicle bodies of the Munich Metro in Bursa

Durmazlar Munich Metro will produce the car body in Bursa: also producing Turkey's first domestic silkworm the Tranvai Durmazlar The machine will build the bodies of Siemens vehicles that won the tender for subway in Munich, Germany.

producing Turkey's first indigenous tram Silkworm Durmazlar The machine also opens to the international arena with its vehicles. DurmazlarSiemens will win the subway tender in Munich, Germany, will make the bodies of cars. Siemens also participated in the subway tender in Dortmund Durmazlar, in the event of the results of the competition in Bursa will produce the tools here.

Durmazlar The machine will also show up in the international arena with the 7th tram brand İpekbögeç. Beginning to manufacture the trunks for trams to be used in Munich for Siemens DurmazlarParticipated in the tender for Dortmund subway vehicle with Siemens. The tender is expected to be finalized in the coming days. Durmazlar Holding Chairman of the Board of Directors Hüseyin Durmaz said, “We will produce the body of the trams of Siemens, which won the Munich tram tender, in Bursa. We signed the contract for 264 vehicles in the tender, which included a total of 20 vehicles. Production will begin in early 2016. The bodies to be sent to Germany will be collected and delivered there by Siemens. Another good development is that we are taking part in the tender for purchasing a Dortmund underground vehicle with Siemens. We are currently on the front line. If the tender ends in our favor, production will start in 2016. We will send the Green City vehicle, which is also our own design, to Dortmund, which we exhibited at INNOTRANS 2014 in Berlin in 2014 ”. Stating that the product range includes one-way tram, two-way tram and light rail subway vehicle called Green City, Durmaz said, “Both the tram and the subway vehicle we produce are the vehicles that have been tested and verified by independent institutions according to European standards. This reveals our quality. In terms of cost, we are much more advantageous than European manufacturers. Therefore, we believe that we will be strong in the market with our vehicles that have the necessary elements for competition. ”

After Kocaeli
Hüseyin Durmaz stated that they received successful results from the tenders they entered in the country and that they won the tender for the 12 car in the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in July, and then they took the tender of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality's tramway car for the 8. Durmaz stated that they have reached the employment of 300 in rail systems and they have invested 60 million euros in this sector so far.

Alstom manufactures high-speed train bogies
Hüseyin Durmaz reminded that the cooperation with Alstom, one of the world's most important rail system vehicle manufacturers, is continuing and they produce and export high-speed train bogies. Critical electrical and electronic systems developed by Aselsan for tram, subway, regional train and high speed projects, Durmazlar to be integrated into the rail transportation vehicles developed by.

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