TCDD's public burden will be reduced

TCDD's public burden will be reduced: Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) is aimed at the withdrawal of a sustainable level of financial burden on the public.

According to the information gathered from the new Medium Term Program (OVP), prepared by the Ministry of Development and covering the 2016-2018 period, the program includes the targets to be realized in the next 3 year in relation to state economic enterprises.

Accordingly, the State Economic Enterprises (SEE) Legislation will be renewed in accordance with the changing conditions and the independent audit practices will be carried out effectively in the mentioned undertakings.

SEEs will not be assigned as much as possible for social and public benefit activities. In case of mandatory assignment, the cost will be met in time.

TCDD's public burden will be reduced

Within the framework of the new MTP, the restructuring of TCDD will be completed, and rail and freight transport will be opened to private railway operators. Until the end of the program period, the financial burden of TCDD on the public will be reduced to a sustainable level.

Turkey Railway Machines Industry AŞ (TÜDEMSAŞ), Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) and Turkey Wagon Industry Corporation (TÜVASAŞ) market expectations resulting from structural adjustments made in the railway sector will be restructured to meet.

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