11 People, Most TCDD Members From Adana, Lost Their Lives in Ankara Explosion

Most of the TCDD Members from Adana lost their lives in the explosion in Ankara: The explosion of bombs in the vicinity of the gathering point of many of the 11 people who traveled from Adana to attend the 'Labor, Peace and Democracy' rally in Ankara, between provinces. caused the most casualties from this city. According to the first determinations, 900 people from Adana and at least 2 people from neighboring provinces died in 11 consecutive explosions. It was understood that most of the deceased were TCDD employees, members of the United Transport Union (BTS) affiliated to KESK. 6 buses were removed for members of KESK, DİSK, TMMOB and Turkish Medical Association (TTB) who wanted to go to the rally in Adana on Friday evening. The members of the United Transport Employees Union (BTS), who lost their lives in the explosion; Bilgen Parlak, Hacı Kıvrak, Nevzat Sayan, Rıdvan Akgül, Fevzi Sert, Yılmaz Elmascan and their 23-year teacher wife Gülhan Elmascan, Emek Party members Dilan Sarıkaya and Gökhan Gökbörü, Emek Party Provincial Board Member Şebnem Yurtman and HDP member Hacı Mehmet Şah It was. It was reported that the majority of those who went to the rally were civil servants and students.


Yılmaz Elmascan, who attended the rally with his wife, Gülhan Elmascan for one year, will be buried in different cities. Teacher Gülhan Elmascan's Eregli District of Konya, TCDD machinist wife Yilmaz Elmascan's funeral will be buried in Suruc District of Sanliurfa. Hacı Kıvrak, who lost his life, will be buried in Yozgat. Bilgen Bright, who lost their lives, will be buried in Kahta District of Adıyaman, Nevzat Sayan will be buried in Karaman and Rıdvan Akgül will be buried in Siirt.


One of the people who lost their lives Labor Party Mersin Provincial Director Şebnem Yurtman Adana, Karaisali District, members of the Labor Party Gökhan Gökbörü Ceyhan District, Cukurova University Department of Archeology students Dilan Sarıkaya Kabasakal Cemetery will be buried. HDP member retired Hacı Mehmet Şah is expected to be buried in Adana.


The funeral of the father 3 who was working in the state railroads of Iskenderun district of Hatay Province was taken by the relatives of the worker 45, Fevzi Sert. Fevzi Sert's funeral, his family moved to the home of his uncle's son, Selman Sert for moving to Adana years ago. Fevzi Sert's funeral was taken to the shoulders of the funeral washing machine in the courtyard of the house.

Fevzi Sert 's funeral was carried to the shoulders for a while, the ambulance was asked to put. However, due to the muddy road, the funeral was put on the trailer behind the tractor. Fevzi Sert, was buried in the neighborhood cemetery was buried among the tears. Sert's funeral ceremony in Iskenderun also attended by colleagues.

It was reported that the Sert family was originally from Ovacik District of Tunceli but settled in the Aybocaoca District of Kozan District about 80 years ago.


The last self-photographed selfie photo was taken when the deceased BTS members Yılmaz Elmascan, Nevzat Sayan, Bilgen Parlak and Rıdvan Akgül set out with buses from Adana. Those who lost their lives were laughing and looking at the lens.

Some of the people who lost their lives in Ankara, the CHP Seyhan Municipality funeral vehicles were allocated.

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