Tram Thank You From Sungur to Büyükşehir

Thanks from Sungur to Büyükşehir Tram: BESİAD Honorary President Feyyaz Sungur Karşıyaka The call about directing the tram from the Beşikçioğlu Mosque to the coastal road resulted in a change of route.

Mavişehir-Karşıyaka The call of the Honorary President of BESİAD, Feyyaz Sungur, who expressed the concerns of the tradesmen about the route of the tram line, found its place. Sungur stated that due to the narrowness of Cemal Gürsel Street on the old route, the tradesmen on this street will be badly affected by the tram pass.

As the roads narrow, the distress is increasing

Feyyaz Sungur drew attention to the problems and difficulties to be experienced when the streets on which the tram route passes gradually start to narrow. “The tram will adversely affect the traffic flow by entering the Cengiz Topel street from the Beşikçioğlu Mosque. Cengiz Topel Street gets narrower starting from the Vilayets House. Businesses on this street will experience great financial losses. For example, transport vehicles will not be able to temporarily park on the road; material etc. There will be problems in delivery. Most importantly, it will be impossible for the ambulance to wait on the tramway in case of an emergency ”.

Thanks from Sungur to Büyükşehir

Sungur stated that it would be in the public interest if the tramway route does not pass through Cemal Gürsel Street in order to avoid all these negativities. After the call made by Feyyaz Sungur, Honorary President of BESİAD, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality carried out the necessary work and carried out the aforementioned route change. With the relevant amendment, the construction work has also progressed in this direction and the rail laying works were directed to the coastal road. Expressing the call of the tradesmen on the subject, Feyyaz Sungur thanked İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu for the sensitivity shown and the solution works. Sungur said, “We expressed the concerns of Bostanlı tradesmen about the tram route and made suggestions for a solution. Our esteemed Metropolitan Mayor, Aziz Kocaoğlu, listened to our call and took the necessary steps. We thank him on behalf of the tradesmen from Bostanlı and offer the satisfaction of our tradesmen ”.

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