Fast train agreement between China and Indonesia

Fast train agreement concluded between China and Indonesia: China wins strategically important train tender where it competes with Japan in Indonesia

China's şt China Railway International atı and Indonesia's yüksek PT Pillar Sinergi BUMN Jak companies have agreed to build a high-speed railway project to build Jakarta -Bandung.

Japan participated in the project tender consisting of 60 Indonesia and 40 percent of shares of China. Indonesian authorities preferred Chinese partners.

In the new railway with a length of 150 km, the HRW speed will reach the 200-250 mileage hour and the distance traveled in three hours before the 30-40 minute.

The construction of the road with the cost 5,5 billion dollars will begin in 2016 and will be completed in the high speed rail railway 2019. This is also the first high-speed train project in the entire Southeast Asian region.

"Busness-to-busness" marketing technique plays an important role in the success of the company, "China Railway International" company Yang Chjunmin. Chinese officials won the tender by offering "technology transfer, investment and experienced staff" to their Indonesian partners.

The Chinese manager said they would not be content with this and that the Indonesian government is ready to help them in their plans to bring this railway to 750 km.

It was announced that the Japanese government was going to continue its military cooperation projects during the visit of Indonesian President Widodo in March, 2015.



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