Tram wagons in Samsun are being disinfected with ozone gas

Sanitized with ozone gas in Samsun tram cars: Ozone disinfection system of the train cars and other vehicles, started for the first time in Samsun in Turkey.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in the structure of Samulaş (Samsun Light Rail System) Inc. In addition to daily routine cleaning operations, the vehicles are provided to the passengers by the disinfection process in the light rail system vehicles, buses and ropeway facilities operated by public transportation. Samulaş technical team performs disinfection by using ozonative equipment developed by Turkish engineers in daily maintenance periods of vehicles out of service. In addition to daily routine cleaning of the vehicles, the system tries to protect the passengers from infectious diseases by a disinfection process of 15 a day, and tries to reach the result by monitoring the results of the disinfection process by the accredited laboratory. Measurements made after the disinfection of cabin equipment in the absence of bacterial traces were observed in the ambient air in the amount of bacteria in the amount of decrease in the amount of bacteria in the amount of 90 reduction was determined by the measurements made by the accredited laboratory. In addition, the new HRS Vehicle Tracking Software developed by Samulaş with a software company to assign tramway mechanics, speed control of the machine speed control, speed control can be done.

Stating that they are using two new technologies in Samulaş, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “One of these is the Ozone Deodorization and Disinfection System. 60 thousand passengers travel on our trains per day. Our goal is to prevent the transmission of infectious diseases from person to person in an environment where there are so many human movements. "We were in various searches to prevent any bad microorganism from growing in these environments and preventing a healthy person from getting any microbes from there."

Explaining that there is an automation system used in cleaning of wagons and vehicles, Yılmaz continued as follows: “We paid about 3 million Euros for this system. Nothing less! We spent money on the system where 9 trillion lira trains were washed. Here, our vehicles are wiped by the classical method. But how can we do this cleaning with chemicals better? Our friends conducted various researches on how to prevent bacterial production. Then our friends learned that a system called ozone gas disinfection was applied in other countries of the world. As a result of our friends' research, we bought devices that produce ozone. These are not very expensive systems, but they are laborious. When you hang and run these devices on trains and vehicles, the devices produce ozone gas and blow into the environment. In a research conducted by an accredited laboratory; In the tests performed before and after using the device, we found that there is a cleaning that is not related to the previous one. Seating areas, handles, upholstery and other places in trains and vehicles turn into a completely zero-bacteria and hygienic environment. A cleaning is reached in the quality of cleaning that should be in a hospital. Ozone disinfection system with wagons of the first in Samsun in Turkey, in Samulaş we use. "

Stating that they have updated the current Vehicle Tracking System with the new software as a second innovation, Yılmaz said: “We have a control panel above which we call the Tiren signal system. Our friends on the control board were able to follow the stations on the 17-kilometer line, the cameras at the stations and the movement of the train between the stations in the form of a red dot. Now, by developing this much more with a new software; We have created a system where more detailed information such as who uses the train, the passenger density in the train, the speed of the train is tracked. Our friends on the control board can have voice communication with the train drivers. ”

Yılmaz said that Samulaş A.Ş., which provides light rail and bus transportation services in the field of urban public transportation in Samsun, has turned to modernization in the software it uses in the vehicle tracking system in order to increase transportation security and provide human resources and energy optimization. . Explaining that he started to use the company by creating a new HRS vehicle tracking software with a software company within the scope of the modernization project created, Yılmaz continued: While working on the system, the new software works with the mobile system via GPS, while there is no route separation in the existing system, there is a route separation in the new software, the selection of the trams put into operation is made automatically in the old software, while the new software is made automatically. This modernization in the field of transportation is an indication of our responsibility to our people. I think our people deserve the highest quality service. ”

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