Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project in 2020 OK

Samsun High Speed ​​Train Project is OK in 2020: AK Party Deputy Chairman and Samsun Deputy Candidate Çiğdem Karaarslan who stated that the High Speed ​​Train project will fly Samsun said, “The gospel of our prime minister made us very happy. The project will be tendered this year. High-speed train will be completed in 2020. ”

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu gave the good news that Samsun has been waiting for years. Prime Minister Davutoğlu, who gave his first rally in Samsun as the first step of the struggle for liberation within the framework of the election campaign, said that the Ankara-Samsun High Speed ​​Line project will be implemented as soon as possible. The eyes are now turned into High Speed ​​Train in Samsun. Stating that the realization of such a project will blow Samsun in every aspect, AK Party Deputy Chairman and Samsun Deputy candidate Çiğdem Karaarslan said, “The gospel of our Prime Minister made us very happy. However, the important thing is the realization of this project as soon as possible. This year, the project will be tendered. High speed train will be completed in 2020. Of course, we will be a close follower of this project as a deputy of Samsun. Because it is vital for our Samsun. Not only me, but all our citizens are waiting for this project to be implemented. ”


Stating that the high-speed train project will shorten Ankara-Samsun by 600 kilometers, Karaarslan said: “The distance between Delice and Havza is about 150-200 kilometers. If the project starts from Delice, this means that between Ankara and Samsun it will decrease to approximately 2 hours. The most important thing here is that the Black Sea and the Mediterranean will be connected. A great rail network will be established. Of course, we will follow this project very closely. Because it is vital for us. Samsun will make significant strides with this project. It will contribute to Samsun's economy especially. Not only in Samsun, Turkey is also an important project for us. " Samsun TSO Chairman and TOBB Board Member Salih Zeki Murzioğlu and Çorum TSO Chairman Çetin Başaranhıncal stated that they will start the construction of the Samsun-Amasya-Çorum- Kırıkkale-Ankara high-speed railway line in the 62nd government program of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. said they were excited.


Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, who has read the 62th Government program at the Turkish Grand National Assembly, announced that they will start the construction of the Samsun- Amasya-Çorum- Kırıkkale- Ankara high speed line. Samsun Trade and Industry Chamber (STSO) Chairman and Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) Board Member Salih Zeki Murzioğl and Corum Commerce and Industry Chamber (ÇTSO) Chairman Çetin Başaranhıncal, said in their statements, the region's development and progress of the program to be investment will make an important contribution thanked Prime Minister Davutoğlu for the reason. Murzioğlu said, “The railway demand of our city is one of the important agenda items of our Chamber. If our demand for railroad has been included in the government program today, the support provided by both the Minister of Youth and Sports, Akif Çağatay Kılıç, the members of the ruling party, and the members of the opposition party and the members of the opposition party. On behalf of Samsun business world, I would like to thank the representatives and bureaucrats of all our political parties, especially our Prime Minister, who contributed to the inclusion of our railway request in the government program. ”

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