Railway guard Faith "his biggest fear is terrorist incident"

Railway keeper Inanc “The biggest fear is terrorist incident”: It turned out that the railway guard Inan, who was martyred by the terrorists in the repair of the rails, said “my biggest fear is terrorist incidents when I am doing my job”.

It turned out that 65-year-old railway guard Necdet Inanc, who was martyred as a result of the fire opened by terrorists while he was trying to repair the rails damaged in the bomb terrorist attack in Sarıkamış district of Kars, called the thesis work "the biggest fear is terrorist incidents".

The documentary "Road Keepers", shot by Zühal Furuncu Ergün as a thesis while he was studying at the Faculty of Communication at Erzurum Atatürk University, besides his main subject, the fear created by the terrorist organization on the people of the region after the attack that took place in Sarıkamış on July 30. exposed.

Ergün said that in 2008, he made a documentary called "Road Keepers" as a thesis and met with Necdet Inanc, who works as a road watchman in the Soganli Mountain region of Sarikamis.

In the documentary, Ergün said that they make a day's work, record 30 kilometers on foot and make interviews on the railroad in the area of ​​responsibility, making daily road control and necessary repairs, said:

“He had a very hard job. Uncle Necdet spoke about the difficulties and problems of the business, and spoke about the terrorist events and fears of the 90s. He said that in those years, terrorist events also affected his field of work. As the Soğanlı region is secluded, he told us about the troubles of nighttime attacks and told us about his fears. ”

“I was very sorry to read it in the newspapers”

Ergün stated that Necdet Inanc learned that the terrorist incidents that he complained as his “biggest fear” years ago cost his life with the news he read in the newspapers and said:

“I was very sad when I read the news, I was very impressed because Uncle Necdet explained to us the difficulties of his work, he told us that his biggest fear was terrorist events in the 90s. After the news of death, I watched the documentary once again and what Uncle Necdet said on that day made me more meaningful. I saw how terrorism events darkened people's lives. ”

Necdet Inanc was martyred and a village guard was wounded in the fire opened to officers repairing the rails after the terrorist attack on the freight train on July 30, 2015 in Sarıkamış district of Kars.

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