The Arabs Saved The Season At Olympos Teleferik

The Arabs Save the Season at Olympos Teleferik: The decline in the number of Russian tourists has also hit off-hotel activities. Olympos Teleferik General Manager Gümrükçü: The Arabs saved this season

In Russia, which is the largest tourism market in Antalya, 8 has lost more than a thousand 600 lost months. In the number of Russian tourists lost, the hoteliers struck a blow to companies that offer more off-site amenities than even them. Arab tourists were the biggest alternative to the decline in the number of Russian tourists.

The General Manager of Olympos Teleferik, Haydar Gümrükçü, summarized the situation with the words “The Arabs saved this year Olym. Gümrükçü said, UM 100 was the highest number of 5 tourists in the world. This year, this rate went up to 20'ların percent. Bu The 2 365 25 40 30 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX meters of tourists at the height of the height of the tourists who reminded that the middle and western European tourists formed by the Customs, the number of Arabs approaching the European number, pointing out bin XNUMX last year tourists were Russian tourists. This year, the XNUMX'lara fell. Customs, Arab tourists to increase interest in Dubai, especially in the Arabian peninsula participating in tourism fairs, said they thought of introducing facilities.

Last year 213 thousand people used the cable car by the end of September this year, the 188 thousand people are used by explaining Customs, bu Our goal until the end of the year 210 thousand people to overcome. Despite the decline in Russia, which is our biggest market, it is a great success for us to catch last year's figures. En Gümrükçü, en Our paragliding which takes place among the world's leading routes with a unique view attracts more attention every year. Last year, a thousand 900 person's paragliding this year 2 more than a thousand people flew. There is no other paragliding route where you can reach 1 hours after you get off from the airport and go down to the beach over 2 thousand meters ik.

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