Record of the live bomb panic in the subway, in the Parliament with the allegation unconstitutional

The recording of the live bomb panic in the subway is in Parliament with the allegation that it is against the Constitution: If the security cameras in the Ankara Metro are being recorded without the knowledge of the passengers, it is against the Constitution and the law. ”

CHP Istanbul deputy Gamze Akkus Ilgezdi, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu'ya, on Monday in Ankara Metro live bomb panic broadcast on a private television channel in Ankara, the security cameras in Ankara Metro can record the voices revealed. If these records are made without the knowledge of passengers, it is against the Constitution and the law. Bu

Prime Minister Davutoğlu'nun written a request for a question from the provincial İlgezdi, der 10 in Ankara on October Saturday before the 'Peace Rally in front of the Railway Station before the massacre of the country was wounded deeply. According to official figures, while our citizens died on 100, the resulting picture caused a deep trauma. The purpose of such attacks is to create a climate of fear and panic within the borders of the country, and to digest and crush the citizens. Bu

Erm 12 October 2015 An event that took place on the Ankara Metro on Monday unfortunately revealed the point where the climate of fear came. On the subway to Batıkent-Sincan, a young girl, the next citizen suspects 'There is a bomb!' There was a great panic as a result of shouting. The security camera footage of this incident, which proves that our citizens are trying to live in the fear of coming to the head of the Ankara Railway Station, is published in a private channel. Security camera images, a young woman shouting 'Friends live bombs' and the panic of the citizens screaming in the subway can be heard. In the news published as special news, the reporter clearly states that the 'avoid, avoid' voices are heard in the security camera records related to the incident.

In the light of this information; Are the Security Cameras in the vehicles in the Ankara Metro also capable of making voice recordings? If so, is this tape broadcasting Security camera images of the Ankara metro vehicle? If so, is there a continuous audio and video recording in all Ankara metro vehicles? Is it legal to record images and simultaneous voice recordings in closed areas without the knowledge of people or without a court order? If not, are the citizens in Ankara metro resting illegally? Is there a warning in Ankara metro that citizens can be heard by sound recording? If it is not, is there a legal process initiated against the responsible, or if it is not, will it be initiated?

Is there a security camera in the halls of Ankara Metro and elevators? Is simultaneous audio and video recording done here? What other places and means of transport does Ankara have in Turkey, without the knowledge of the citizens or without a court decision, and with simultaneous audio recording? If audio recording is made without the consent and knowledge of the citizens by the said Security Cameras, is it not contrary to the personal rights guaranteed in this Constitution? Will legal proceedings be initiated against those responsible for the constitution of the constitution? Anayasa

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 20:05

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