Kadıköy5 dead in metrobus accident like massacre in Turkey (Video)

Kadıköy5 dead in the BRT accident like the massacre in Turkey:KadıköyIn the accident that occurred as a result of a head-on collision with a metrobus and a vehicle, 5 people lost their lives and 5 people were injured, one of them seriously. The wounded were taken to the surrounding hospital by ambulances.

Accident, Kadıköy It took place at 02.00:34 in the Fikirtepe metrobus stop. Allegedly, 5501 FY XNUMX license plate vehicles, KadıköyHe wanted to escape police control. The vehicle then entered the metrobus road and started to move rapidly in the direction of the Bosphorus Bridge.

In the meantime, Metrobüs, under the management of Topkapı-Söğütlüçeşme Erdoğan Kalender managed the vehicle and entered the steel barriers in the middle of the road.

Metrobus quickly collided with the private car from head to head. With the impact of the collision, two vehicles dragged on for a while were able to stand after about 10 meters.

6 of the 5 people in the private car died at the scene. In the accident, a woman in a private vehicle, a metrobus driver and 1 passengers in the bus were injured. Upon the notice, many police, fire brigade and medical teams were dispatched to the scene. It was learned that the fire crews worked for a long time to remove the people stuck in the vehicle.

In order not to be caught by the police ...

KadıköyAfter having fun at a bar in ', it was learned that they took the metrobus route to avoid being caught by the police. Of the 6 people in the car, it was determined that 2 people were named Talha Uzun and Hüseyin Yıldırım, while the names of the remaining 4 people could not be learned.

Police teams in the investigation of the accident was learned.




    1. We have written many times, the Metrobus way, not with steel profile + wire rope, but surely the NewJersey type (TCGrand standard) must be separated from other vehicles in the navigation with the concrete barrier!
      We are not the finders of the Metrobus and similar systems. Similar systems have been developed, implemented and tested in many advanced techniques in 1970 for many years. For a variety of reasons, nowhere has the prevalence of us. BUT the terms and conditions of application in us are acceptable, therefore also successfully in practice. BUT BASIC PRINCIPLE in road transport systems using this type of special purpose road, track, lane; it is safe to separate the strip from other vehicles. What it should have here is the strict separation of the strip of the BRT roadway with the NEW-JERSEY concrete mixer barrier from the other vehicle lane!
      REMEMBER: Natural-Science and Engineering Theories apply to all countries of the world! The international experience achieved can be implemented without the need for the wheel to be rediscovered. This is wrong, if this head and stubbornly continue, there will be more accidents and deaths. The difference is: in the advanced countries, those who stubbornly insist on this mistake, are punished with the greatest amount of punishment, and are condemned to compensation. And in us, unfortunately, whom whom, dum duma. He stays with his death. When my mef of conscience is not enough, the ”uninformed ones, knowledgeable unrelated ef can walk around waving their arms. Let's see how many more Metrobus drivers will be scapegoats?