The project of the century is coming from tram

Kocaeli is the project of the century tram: New and modern means of transportation into the service of the people of the city, giving priority to the citizen satisfaction in transportation Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, within the framework of the Transportation Master Plan rail system investments began the construction of the tram, which was the pioneer of the transfer of investments.

In 2004, the service borders of Istanbul and Kocaeli for the first time with the Metropolitan Law covered all the provincial borders. Thus, the Greater Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which started to serve the entire city from the small Izmit Metropolitan, was established. Kocaeli's service area 32 3 thousand 505 square kilometers went to square kilometers. The service network has expanded to 110 floor. The population increased by 600 percent. A new arrangement in 2008 has closed the municipality of 44. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and 12 district municipality began to continue to serve. The biggest advantage of this system was the collection of service and authority from a single source. Metropolitan Municipality Model in the provincial borders was a major reform for Kocaeli. The big change today in Kocaeli came with this great reform. Kocaeli, the country's industrial production of the country's industrial production, and the largest export following the Istanbul 13'ın Kocaeli, Marmara became the sample city. Kocaeli, so far in a line of transportation moves made in a line. D-100, D-130 and Tem Motorway tunnel, bridge junction, city centers were also surrounded by double roads.

Preparing a good infrastructure in transportation, the Metropolitan City, the city's 50 and 100 in the course of the year to follow the investment route in the Transport Master Plan.


Within the framework of the 2023 vision of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, a large inventory was created with two years of work. In parallel with the increasing population and the number of vehicles, solutions to the traffic problem will be outlined. Transportation Master Plan, ana Main Road Projects, Road Improvement Projects, Regional Road Network and Junction Projects, Structuring of Public Transport Systems, Urban Center with Pedestrianization and Bicycle Road Projects and Parking Arrangements, 6 was gathered under the main title. The Metropolitan Municipality pushed the button for the tram, the first of the plan and the first of the light rail system investments.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, in order to be able to place the tram on a solid foundation with all the people carried out within a program. First of all, an attempt was made to create a consciousness by exhibiting an example of the tram in the city center. The shape, name and color of the tram was opened to the public via internet. In the vote, the name of the tram Akçaray, turquoise was determined as the color.


The next step in the tram project was the itinerary. For the route of the tram project financed by the municipality, the subjects such as passenger demand, integration with other transportation systems and construction costs were taken into consideration. A feasibility study was carried out in the center of Izmit for approximately nine months. The most convenient route from 10 to an alternative


The shape, name and color of the tram was opened to public voting on the internet. The people of Kocaeli decided that the name of the tranva was Akçaray, coming from Akçakoca, the founder of Kocael, and the color to be turquoise.


Tram, Bus Station-Yahya Captain, District Governor-N. Kemal Lisesi-Eastern Barracks, Governorate, Fair, Yeni Cuma-Fevziye Mosque-Gar-Sekapark 14 11 kilometers of stations are composed.

All planning meticulously prepared

The first step of Akçaray Tramway, which went through a three-stage tender process, was the preparation of preliminary and application projects.

With this project all the application areas of the tram were determined by a comprehensive study. By completing all stages, the Metropolitan Municipality established a clear map to determine the course of the work.

Akçaray's tender for line construction and 12 auction was held in a row. The company, which won the line construction tender, established its construction site behind the starting point of the line. While these works on the field, the Metropolitan Municipality, the 12 vehicle purchase bid was won by the local company met with. Signed the contract that will bring the tram to Kocaeli.


The length of the tramway vehicles to be produced by the contractor firm in Bursa was determined as 32 meters, 2,65 meters width and 3,30 meters. The trolley with a mechanic room in both directions will have a maximum speed of 70 and the average speed will be 20. It is aimed to transport 6 thousand passengers a day with the trams, which are expressed as the 16 minutes of the voyage frequency. 5 will be composed of wagons at the point of high mobility of the trams. The 300 double and 4 single doors of the tram that can carry 2 passengers at the same time. The winning contractor will deliver a total of 12 pieces to the Metropolitan Municipality of Kocaeli on 14 month, 15, 16, 17 and 3.


The groundbreaking ceremony of the line was also held recently with the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Fikri Işık, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu and the dynamics of the city. The garage construction of the tram line starting from behind the Kocaeli Intercity Bus Terminal was started in the same area. Tramway Rail Main Line consists of 11 thousand square meter warehouse, workshop building and connection line with total 30 units. The tram line is planned to start passenger transportation in 2017.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of Kocaeli Information Point (K @ BİN) which will explain all details of the tram project in the first stage. K @ BİN, which is one of the important examples of interactive museums, was put into service with the signing ceremony of the purchase of tram cars. In K @ BİN, many interactive applications such as photographed squares, traffic simulations, children's games from various parts of Kocaeli are waiting for visitors.


Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, which puts the parts of the Transportation Master Plan into practice, plans to put in three separate subway lines. The first metro line is in the project phase; Gebze OSB, Darıca and Gebze Marmaray station from the northern settlements, the second line from Cengiz Topel Airport to the district district, the third line Izmit Kocaeli University Umuttepe Campus will provide connections.


12 vehicle purchase agreements with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Bursalı Durmazlar company. Vehicles will be 100 percent domestic production.

Tram to the City Hospital

When it is completed, it is planned to provide transportation by tram to the City Hospital which is going on in the ammunition area. There will also be access to the City Hospital via the connection line via the current stage of the tram.

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