Ski Maintenance Center's installation agreement signed

Ski Maintenance Center's installation agreement was signed: equipped with first-art machinery in Turkey, Turkey Ski Federation (MHF) Ski Maintenance Center in Erzurum the Austrian Wintersteiger for installation firm was poured on an agreement reached with the signature of.

for the first time equipped with the latest technology machines in Turkey, TKF Ski Maintenance Center in Erzurum, installation and 2016 year season Austrian company to start operations at the opening WINTERSTEIGER with a signing ceremony between the TKF was held in Istanbul.

Turkey Ski Federation President Erol Benefits, together with the President of Ski sectors, using the latest technological applications in the world, you get detailed information developed in consultation with the directors of the federation and results in study trips; he stated that one of the most important cornerstones of success was the integration of sports with high technology.

According to the agreement the country skiing to the Chairman of benefits stating there would be significant contribution, "Turkey Ski Federation due to which will cover all disciplines of skiing care center, in addition to ski maintenance of contributing to the development of our national team will be a center for training specialists." saying, he said:

“Our study trips were very detailed and productive as a result of the strong and good bilateral relations developed within a year. We visited the special care center of the Austrian Ski National Team in Bramberg with special permission. Experts gave very detailed information about machinery and applications. In our age, the equipment that the athlete is using as much as it should be is of great importance. As a result of our reviews, our negotiations with the most advanced technology Austrian company Wintersteiger have been concluded and it has been understood about the establishment of our maintenance center, which will serve both alpine and northern discipline skiing, which consists of the most high-tech machines available.

I am proud to give this new service good news to our ski community. Poorly maintained ski maintenance cools our skiers from skiing sports, does not support the success of our national teams and has always been dependent on experts from abroad. I hope that our ski maintenance center, which will use modern and high technology, will be beneficial to our community and increase the success of our national teams. ”

Wintersteiger Regional Director Norbert Meier said in a statement, “The company Wintersteiger was founded in 1953. It is the leading company in the sector with 62 years of experience, activities in 21 countries, 900 employees and 135 million turnover. ” saying, he said:

"The world and all successful using the same technology with advanced federations, in a real sense to the development of skiing in a conscious way and giving importance to congratulate the President and General Manager of Turkey Ski Federation. which will be operational at the beginning of 2016 season in Turkey; TKF Ski Center has the technology of successful countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, USA etc. We are proud to contribute to the achievements of the Turkish Ski National Teams on this occasion. ”

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