Kartalkaya fell the first snow of the season

The first snow of the season fell on Kartalkaya: The cold and rainy weather, which was effective in the evening hours in Bolu, dropped the first snow of the season to the ski center Kartalkaya at night.

The first part of the profit oil of the season on a high Kartalkaya'daki, one of the important winter tourism centers of Turkey.

At Kartalkaya Ski Center, which is 45 kilometers away from Bolu, at an altitude of 850 and 2 meters, the downpour, which was effective yesterday evening, was replaced by snowfall at night with the fall of the air temperature.

Due to the effective snowfall, the high sections of the ski resort were covered with white cover.

Halit Ergül, the chairman of a hotel in the center, stated that the first snow of the season that fell in the last days of October made them very happy and said, “This year the snow fell earlier than last year. New season preparations continue in our hotel. "We will open the season when the snow depth reaches the desired level."

The ski resort, which shows great interest by local and foreign vacationers, will see great interest in the new season, Ergül said, with the decrease in the amount of snow falling each year, the ski season shortened.

About the 3-3,5 monthly skiing season, this season, the snow will come early and the desired amount of snow in the ski season will increase the time recorded Ergül, snowfall in the ski resort facilities and employees face the smile, he added.