New Trains Arrived in Montreal Metro in Canada

montreal metro
montreal metro

The metro operator of the Canadian city of Montreal, STM, announced on August 25 that test drives of the first trains, which were delivered after the agreement made in 2010 for the purchase of subway trains from the partnership of Bombardier and Alstom companies, started.

The trains delivered in July last year are now being tested without passengers when the line is not busy. The first one is expected to be at the end of this year.

In October of the same year, 2010 signed an agreement with the Bombardier and Alstom companies for a billion-dollar deal. Bombardier 1,2 million dollars in this deal, Alstom 742 million dollars had a share. According to the signed agreement, all 493 trains will be delivered by the end of 52.

The trains are 152,4 meters long and 2,514 m wide. The maximum speed of trains is 72 m / h. Trains are also equipped with the MicroCab signaling system developed by Ansaldo STS.

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