İZBAN Neighborhood Garage Station Pedestrian Underpass Closed Toilet

izban as
izban as

İZBAN District Garage Station Pedestrian Underpass Closed Toilets: Izmir İZBAN Neighborhood Garage Station made shorter and more comfortable for the passage of passengers to the Neighborhood Garage Station and ESHOT bus platforms.

The closed underpass, which passengers have to use to dry out from rain in winter, which cannot be used in the summer, especially due to odor, has been exposed to disgusting images. Citizens; Although they complained, they said that the authorities did not take any action so this place became closed toilets.

“The architecture of the passage is made wrong” 65-year-old Mehmet Ali, a citizen who says that this road is unsafe; “The architecture of this place was built incorrectly once, and since it was built like a closed tunnel, nobody dares to pass in the evenings, and on top of that, people living on the street, normal people passing through here can also have their toilets here. He expressed his reaction out of indifference, saying that since no official has been interested in cleaning for a long time, it has become unusable due to the odor.

Another 30-year-old citizen who said that he has lived here for 45 years said, “Two months after this place was built, this place became like this. We used this place when it rained in winter. After a while, it became a home for street thugs. They meet all their daily needs here ”. The common opinion of the citizens; the authorities take action as soon as possible and work is started to eliminate this smell.

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  1. This news is very nice and typical. Written and complaints are very accurate. It's an unconventional behavior. BUT the problem can never be resolved in this way! First of all, you should look at similar subways. You'll find that: yes, this isn't the only one, so many underpasses are the same, like the toilet - not available.
    It was drawn many times, it was drawn: the primary reason is very clear: NO THAT NOT A TOILET IN THE STATION OF THE SYSTEM (and the same way Metro etc.) NO EVER! The main source of the problem is here! Male passengers, the most hidden hidden point before entering the station, underpasses, long journey to get through without trouble to relax.
    Relating to the people of the citizens need to understand the state of a bit of empathy. An empathy-born dead who hasn't died. Now understand: passengers are desperate! Every cut is said to be complaining, but it does not shed it to the letter of complaint. This was typical Turkish behavior. (Likewise, in the research of one of the departments of the United Nations, the Japanese and the Japanese people have changed their places in 1. And 2.p orions. I am just an ambassador of documents, research and statistics.
    Our only consolation is the fact that no one at the end of the platform - for example the Metro station - has ever lost their lives when they're pissing on the runners and struck a high voltage. In fact, this and similar accidents with the drum drums zurna steal!