Istanbul-Ankara high-speed high-speed train line

Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line: Istanbul-Ankara between the high-speed train to the 1.5 hour to come. The length of the 'railway highway' line will be the 414 mileage. Istanbul Sincan HalkalıThe line that requires high technology to reach up to about 5 billion dollars will cost.

Yeni Şafak has reached the details of the "Speed ​​Train Project", which will be one of the fastest train axes in the world that will reduce Ankara-Istanbul to 1.5 hours. project given in the election manifesto of the AK Party in Turkey, a new door opens in the transport field. The last stop of the 414 kilometer line to start from the center of Ankara, Istanbul Halkalı it will be.


Ayaş, Çayırhan, Esenboğa Airport, the high-speed train project that will extend over Çayırhan towards the Mudurnu Valley, will extend from the north of Adapazarı to Kocaeli and Istanbul. The high-speed train, which will follow the North Marmara Highway route from Kocaeli, will cross the Bosphorus by using the rail system on the 3rd Bridge. Last stop of High Speed ​​Train, which passes through Arnavutköy, Third Airport, Başakşehir, Küçükçekmece districts Halkalı it will be.


Feasibility studies have been completed for the project that will serve with the Dual Line-Electric-Signaling system. This project; will be much faster than other YHT lines. The maximum speed of high speed trains on Ankara-Eskişehir-Istanbul routes currently serving is 250 kilometers per hour. Speed ​​in the High Speed ​​Train project will reach 350 kilometers per hour. This project; Turkey will carry high-speed trains in the top league.


It was learned that the project works of the line, where the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transportation started in the second half of 2011, was completed. Ankara (Sincan-Çayırhan) -Istanbul (HalkalıEIA works with map and ground studies for the approved route with alternative route studies. Revisions were made in the necessary parts of the route by taking the opinions of the relevant public institutions and organizations.

Like Railway Highway

The project, which will be realized with the Build-Operate-Transfer model of the project, requires high-tech investment. It is estimated that 5 will be built with an investment of about one billion dollars. railway line will be landed on the line of 1,5.

Integrated with Kapıkule

Another important feature of the project is that the railway project extending to the Kapıkule Border Gate in Edirne will be integrated. General Directorate of State Railway; Istanbul of the project Halkalı-Integrated to Kapikule Railway Project.

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