President Aydin Sivas evaluated the YHT Line

President Aydın Sivas Assessed the YHT Line: Mayor of Sivas Sami Aydın, made some comments about the press.

The Mayor of Sivas, Sami Aydın, organized a press conference due to the news of the municipality's work and some media outlets about the route of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Necmettin Erbakan Street for the ongoing road construction work due to the disability pedestrian street with a statement about the President Aydin, the road will be opened on October 14 and during this period, said the electric poles will be removed from there, he said.

Alar We continue to work in Organize Sanayi. It will really be a high standard way. There are old electric poles located on the pavement. News of this pole of the visually impaired citizens, which we have done for the disabled band news was made. I wish we had one of those lines and we had those lines and electricity lines in the ground. When the works are completed, the concrete electric poles will be removed before the opening is done. I was saddened to think that this would not be removed, as if there were any visually impaired citizens perceived to be on the pole. We're going to make news, of course, we're going to speak of deficiencies. But I think it should be constructive and fair. The studies carried out as the Sivas Municipality are the works carried out for this city. But the distortion of these is on us. Ancak

Aydın said that the state will make a profit of TL 100 million through the changing route of the High Speed ​​Train. Kamu When all public institutions and NGOs are invited to the public and share their opinions on the map with the public, we would like to change this line completely without any exceptions. Although we decided that the line that is about to be implemented today will be correct with Sivas, although it was decided that this line will be changed and the current planned line will be made as a result of an evaluation that includes the Ministry of Transportation bureaucrats and then our Minister of Transport, the works of our municipality to the south. 7-8 not go through this process until the end of the process does not offer an opinion, people who do not express opinions after the line is confirmed after the start of studies to create a perception of Sivas's interest as a thinking is a misfortune on behalf of Sivas. "He said.

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