Republic Enthusiasm in Haydarpaşa Station

Enthusiasm of the Republic in Haydarpaşa Station:Kadıköy The first of the Republic Day celebrations organized by the Municipality with the title "Republic in Peace" this year was held at Haydarpaşa Station.

Hundreds of celebrations held last night at the Historical Haydarpaşa Train Station Kadıköyparticipated with Turkish flags.

In the "Republic Night" event, in which there was great enthusiasm, "Photographs of the Republic" exhibition took place. Professor at the event Dr. İlber Ortaylı "Turkish Republic in Education" held a conversation. The Istanbul Symphony Orchestra also performed compositions about the Republic.

Saying, “We are experiencing the joy and happiness of celebrating the 92nd Anniversary of the Republic at the Historical Haydarpaşa Station” Kadıköy Mayor Aykurt Nuhoğlu said, “The values ​​that the Republic has brought us are trying to be taken back and the distance we have taken since the foundation of the Republic is being operated. Our main aim should be to protect the Republic and move it to the future. We will protect the values ​​of the Republic forever. ”


Professor Dr. İlber Ortaylı said, “Haydarpaşa Station has been standing for more than 100 years. But it doesn't work right now. So what about Gar? It is not enough to say no to the projects planned for this place. If we say no, we need to know what the alternative should be. There are Selimiye Barracks and Numune Hospital around this station. This area can be turned into a huge cultural park. ”

At the end of the celebration, on the stairs of Haydarpaşa Station KadıköyAll together read the 10th Anniversary march.



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